Your Heart Can’t Hold This or That It Must Be Both

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I hope this letter finds you embracing the idea of “both and…” in your Heart.

We are stuck in binary thinking. We are deeply conditioned to think in a “this or that” format. This has caused us to get stuck in very limiting mindsets that restrict the options we can see for our lives.

Male or female.

Black or white.

Good or bad.

Math or art.

Rich or poor.

This old way of thinking is an artifact of material consciousness. At the end of the Scientific Revolution, we learned to codify and measure things as “this” or “that”.

When Quantum Physics burst onto the scene we learned that there isn’t really a “this” or a “that”.

Quantum Physicists learned that you can either measure the movement of a quantum particle or the location but not both at the same time. Expectation about HOW the particle behaved influenced how the particle acted and where it would show up.

We learned that our experience of reality happens on a limitless spectrum of inclusive possibilities. The hard and fast rules of matter either being a “this” or a “that” began to dissolve. Matter was malleable. Our perception of the behavior of matter depended on our perception and expectation.

And yet, the material era and the drive to codify, measure and systematize everything continues to be pervasive in our culture. “This” or “that”.

Or rather “this = not that”.

This binary way of thinking has been incredibly divisive in our world. It invariably pits us against each other. If you’re a “this” then you are “not that”.

Over the past week, I’ve seen a lot of social media posts about “prayers and thoughts”. I saw one meme that actually had a big red “X” on it crossing out the words “prayers and thoughts” with the phrase “policy change” written on top of the crossed-out words.

thoughts and prayers and policy change when heart is needed

I am a stickler for how we use language. The words we use hold a frequency of energy. Words build the energetic infrastructure for what we seek to build in the world. We must use words very deliberately because of the power that words hold.

While I am in TOTAL agreement that “prayers and thoughts” are only the FIRST step in creating, there is a real danger to saying that we should exchange “prayers and thoughts” for “policy change”. This or that.

I am VERY clear that we have to take right ACTION to create change in the world. We still live on a third-dimensional planet. That means that to get things done we have to physically do the work.

But action is tricky. To be truly effective, you have to act with the right energy. If you are reacting instead of acting, even though your physical acts may be helpful in the moment, the energy you are transmitting may actually serve to keep us divided instead of unified, ultimately causing chaos and pain to happen in cycles again and again and again.

I do not want to live on a planet where action is NOT preceded or doesn’t include the alignment necessary (thoughts and prayers) to ensure that the action is directed and the true fulfillment of the intention. Action preceded by thoughts and prayers is deliberate and intentional. Action without thoughts and prayers is reactive and potentially harmful.

Here is a list of some recent scientific discoveries that might surprise you:

  1. Prayer DOES work when you do it correctly.
  2. When you send “love” to someone, scientists can actually physically measure when the recipient “receives” the love, even when they are on the other side of the world.
  3. We are all connected and influenced by magnetic fields, including the geomagnetic energies located in the atmosphere. When something happens on the planet or in the environment, we ALL feel it in our bodies.
  4. The Heart has its own powerful magnetic field that energetically and physiologically connects us. Our heartbeats actually syncopate when we are in groups together.
  5. Your thoughts and emotions can influence random events and your HEART can predict an event before your mind is even aware that it is going to happen.

Scientists are now studying whether our collective HEART energy can actually influence the geomagnetic energy of the planet and the early results are pretty affirming! Your “thoughts and prayers” or “love and light” can actually change the global atmosphere.

Sending your Love and Light may actually be one of the most powerful things you can do to make the world a more loving, abundant and sustainable place.

But, you have to send Love and Light correctly. You have to do it with the right energy, the right mindset and you have to be doing it from a pure place.  You can’t be attached or reactive.  You have to be in the “flow” of love.

Knowing how to turn on the healing power of your heart and activate the pure quantum potential of the Heart is a powerful skill that will not only help you send powerful Love and Light to the world but can actually:

  • Help you tap into greater levels of intelligence and creativity
  • Increase your DHA levels and decrease your cortisol levels helping you minimize the effects of stress on your body
  • Help school students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder demonstrated improved short- and long-term memory, ability to focus, and improvements in home and school behavior.
  • Increase your performance and lower frustration
  • Improve cognitive function in people with PTSD
  • Improved heart function and blood pressure, lower stress and cortisol, and reduce health care costs.
  • Help you lower blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, stress, anger, hostility, frustration, fatigue and hostility.

The key here to getting these benefits (and more) and to really changing the energy of the planet is to have the proper skills to open up your Heart. There is a real science to knowing how to harness the amazing power of your Heart.

Personally, I believe that getting as many people to open their Hearts and tap into the true creative power of their Hearts is one of the most important and powerful things we can do to create a world of sustainable resources and sustainable peace.

We are designed to be compassionate, loving beings who work together to create unlimited possibilities and make them manifest on this beautiful and bountiful planet.

Please enjoy this short “mini-lesson” I created for you to help you get re-acquainted with your Heart’s Intelligence.

Here’s to deliberate and guided action that is calibrated by the Heart of Us All.

From my Heart to yours,


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