You Have to Have Meanings That Support You

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How Do You Create Meanings That Support You?

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

In the 30 years that I’ve worked as a human potential expert, thousands of people have shared their dreams with me.

A handful of these people were able to turn their dreams into reality. Sadly, most people aren’t able to tangibly create what they are dreaming of.

Why is it that so many people struggle to turn their dreams into reality?

To answer this question, we have to turn to quantum physics.

Quantum particles move in waves called “potentials.” You can either measure the movement of a quantum particle or you can measure the location of a quantum particle, but never both at the same time. When we measure the location of quantum particles, we call it a “collapsed potential.”

Our entire physical reality is comprised of “collapsed” quantum potentials.

Leading-edge quantum physicists have hypothesized that consciousness is the medium through which we collapse potentials or experience our own unique reality. It is the meaning that we give “quantum potentials”– also called archetypes – that determines what we experience in our lives.

People who are able to successfully manifest their dreams have meanings that support their success.

If YOU want to manifest your dreams, you have to have meanings that support you doing so.

When we begin to take control over the meaning we use to create, we begin to harness our innate quantum creative power and exponentially amplify our ability to make our dreams a reality. We “heal” our stories and increase optimal wellness and well-being in every area of our lives.

Join me, starting on February 21, for the Quantum Healing Revolution: Unlocking the Unique Path to Integrative Health Masterclass Series.

Here’s the deal.

What you’ve learned about Human Design is likely incomplete.

What’s commonly taught in Human Design circles is the mechanics behind who you are and how you operate, but it leaves you hanging when it comes to a systematic approach to helping CLIENTS de-condition to get results.

This is why I am hosting this masterclass: to help you APPLY an integrative approach to transformative healing, leveraging Human Design as a healing modality.

During this 5 day workshop, we will cover:

  • How to Unlock Your Quantum Potential
  • Uncovering The Root Cause of Pain
  • Understanding and Applying The Vitality Loop
  • How to Leverage Quantum Alignment
  • De-conditioning by Design for Optimal Client Results
  • Understanding and Applying The Quantum Alignment System

This is a life-changing training that will give you everything you need to begin working on your own healing journey, as well as helping others.

The single biggest reason why you should attend this program:

Getting to the root of Who You Truly Are, what drives you and the choices you’re making, and knowing how to consciously choose from your highest vibration actually INCREASES motivation, makes you more resilient, and helps you live more vibrantly, joyfully, and abundantly – in every area of your life.

When you live more vibrantly, joyfully, and abundantly, you can exponentially increase how much you can help others.

Once you register, you will receive login details and access to our private Facebook page so you can connect to our vibrant community.

Here’s the bottom line.

Your clients don’t have to suffer anymore.

This is a path to help you help them discover what is causing the pain in their life and learn how to work with it, heal it, and get themselves back on track with expressing the magnificence of who they are designed to be.

I hope you’ll join me.

From my Heart to Yours,


P.S. Each time we complete the dance around the spiral of growth and evolution, we tend to come face-to-face with the same “issue” but in another form and at a higher level.

“New Level, Same Devil.”

Over the last 20 years that I have been a student and teacher of Human Design, I have watched this powerful system evolve, giving us more and more wisdom and insight into how to heal ourselves, our clients, and maximize our potential in every area of life.

The more we heal ourselves, the better we can serve the evolution of the world and each other!

PPS Remember to bring your Human Design Chart with you – you can download it here for FREE


Insights on the Four Components of the Manifesting Equation

Quantum Revolution Image

Transform your manifesting game with Karen Curry Parker as she shares her empowering story and how it connects to the manifesting equation.

Trigger warning/disclaimer: This episode contains discussions about cancer, including personal experiences and journeys. The content may be emotionally intense and could be triggering for individuals who have had personal experiences with cancer or are sensitive to health-related topics. If you find these discussions distressing, it may be advisable to skip this episode or listen with caution. Remember to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being and also consult with your medical team before making any changes to your medical routine.

“Your physical reality is malleable, infinite, and never set in stone. You have the power to choose how you’re going to experience your world.” – Karen Curry Parker, host of Quantum Revolution and creator of Quantum Human Design™


Karen shares a deeply personal journey of facing breast cancer and discovering the profound connection between her body’s messages and the manifesting process. She recounts her struggles with traditional manifesting methods, the impact of her health crisis, and the transformative insights gained through self-reflection. As a solution to her struggles with traditional manifesting methods, Karen introduces the four components of the manifesting equation. As you listen to Karen explain the intricate interplay between mindset, energy, and physical reality, you will gain a holistic understanding of manifesting beyond mere positive thinking, realizing the importance of aligning personal narratives with desired outcomes.


Ignite your self-love journey and step into a month of cosmic alignment by immersing yourself in the February 2024 Human Design Energy Report.

We invite you to join us this month on a journey of cosmic exploration through self-love and creative power. This month, the planets are really saying “Hey! You deserve more. You are enough.” You need to remember that you are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event and that you have a unique and vital role to play in this world that only you can play. There’s literally never been anybody else like you before. And there’s literally never going to be anybody else like you again. Your very existence makes the universe what it is.

video preview


Please join us at Omega Institute in May!

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Jamila Jamie - Team

Jamila Jamie

Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 and is now the Director of the Quantum Alignment System™, which is the advanced integrated Professional Training created by Karen Curry Parker that blends the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Human Design™, subtle body therapies (quantum essential oils & quantum flower essences) and traditional coaching. She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through Certification. Jamila is the creator of the powerful Flower Essences used in this program.

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist, and certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember, she was able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving into Human Design for over ten years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. Her passion is to help women liberate their energy and take back their power so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.