Why Money Isn’t the Metric of Value

Money Isn't the Metric of Value - Gold and abundance

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

I hope this week finds you defining your worthiness from your deep connection to that unique, vital, and irreplaceable role that only you can play in the Cosmic Plan.

I’m going to rant today. Forgive me in advance if my Time Bender frustration and anger is a little much.

I want to talk about “credit-worthiness” and the strange way that our economy defines “value”.

As of recently, I’m not “credit-worthy.” Again.

My pursuit of “credit-worthiness” has been long and frustrating. I’ll start with a little background information. When I got divorced in the early 2000s, I had over $80,000 in debt which I had discharged through bankruptcy. In 2008 I lost my home to foreclosure. I had a very long cycle of struggling mightily with money.

In response to my struggles, I made a very empowered choice to never go into debt again. For me, at that time, debt equated to lack and, most importantly, lack of control. I never wanted the trauma of losing my house (or my car to the repo man) ever again. I wanted to own my life.

The choice to only buy what I could afford and to not owe someone else money for the things in my life made me “un-credit-worthy”, meaning I no longer had a “credit-worthy” score. Even though I had no debt and money in the bank, I had a “poor” credit score.

In America, if you have a low “credit score”, it makes it difficult to do a lot of things. A few years ago, I decided that it was time to heal some of my financial karma and to allow myself to build a robust credit score.

To build a robust credit score, you have to incur debt. But you can’t incur debt if you don’t have a robust credit score….basically leaving you prey to high-interest credit card scams.

I bit the bullet and got a couple of sucky credit cards that charged me $10-25 dollars a month to basically have the privilege of carrying a hunk of plastic in my wallet that I would use once in a while and immediately pay off – so that I could prove that I was “worthy”.

It took almost three years to get a “good” credit rating.

I need a good credit rating to be able to take out any kind of normal big loan – like a mortgage.

Yesterday when I went to check my credit score, which was “good” last week, I noticed that my score had suddenly plunged 59 points because of a report that I was 30 days late on a payment to my credit card. I was horrified and also confused because all of my credit cards are on auto-pay.

It definitely triggered a LOT of my past “credit-worthy” trauma and fear. (Thank you, Saturn Return…sigh…)

I won’t go into the long hours spent on the phone with customer service representatives who live in a foreign country and read from books of scripts with sentences sprinkled with too many “ma’ams” to make sense – or the attempts of the “manager” who tried to sell me a different card when I asked to please close my account…sheesh!!

What I want to talk to you about today is the theme of “worthiness” and how we have collectively gotten all twisted up in a bizarre system of defining our value based on numbers or, in the case of credit, our ability to tend to the numbers in our lives.

Think about this for a minute.

What is a credit score but a measurement of our ability to take care of some kind of institutionalized lack? We are not deemed “worthy” unless we can demonstrate the quantified ability to tend to a financial hole.

Let’s be clear. Energetically debt is “lack”. You OWE somebody. You are indebted to someone and they basically get to call the shots.

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a system where we can borrow resources from each other – or even a bank – and repay with interest.

But I am questioning how we can deem our ability to BE in debt as “worthy”…?

It’s a very interesting play on words that speaks volumes about how our society measures value.

And I hate it.

No one is more or less valuable because they can take on more debt. No one is more or less valuable because they don’t have money or because they do.

We are valuable and “worthy” because we exist.

We need to divorce ourselves from this economic worthiness game. It’s not fair and the behind-the-scenes rules are exclusive, divisive, and destructive.

We have to start reforming this system by redefining our values and what is valuable. I vote that we begin with changing the vocabulary we are using.

Here’s an interesting fun fact.

My friend, Scott Shang, founder of Find My Way Home, originated residential mortgages for almost 20 years, starting in the business in 1998 and working as a loan officer assistant. In his first 2 years originating on his own, 100% of his business came from saving loans that other loan officers turned down for value, credit, or perceived guideline issues.

Giving these applications a “second look”, Scott’s production was four times that of any other loan officer in the company until he started his first Mortgage Brokerage in 2004.

In other words, he found that people who we qualified as not being “credit worthy” by the traditional definition of “credit-worthiness” were actually MORE creditworthy than regular “credit worthy” people.

The metrics we are using are unfair, untrue and prevent people from building wealth and abundance.

You. Are. Worthy.

And money isn’t the metric of value.

See this video – Unravelling the Secrets of Manifesting in a way that’s right for YOU! Karen Curry Parker

Rant over.​

From my Heart to Yours,


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