Why Children Misbehave

Why children misbehave - child crying

Why Children Misbehave (and Adults) – a different viewpoint

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

What do you wish your parents knew about your Human Design?

Take a moment and think about your answer.

How would your life have been different if your parents had understood how you’re hard-wired, what you need energetically to feel loved and valued, and how you best create in the world?

The purpose of this contemplation is NOT to trigger you or for you to be angry with your parents. Most of our parents were doing the best that they could, with the best of intentions and a limited set of tools.

I want you to think about these questions because you DON’T have to be stuck in these old dynamics anymore. To me, this is one of the greatest gifts that Human Design gives us. Once you learn your Human Design, you start to understand why certain things in your life just haven’t worked for you.

One of the things your Human Design shows you is what you need energetically to feel loved, valued, capable, and powerful. These are essential needs that you have to learn to get met in healthy ways if you want to live a happy, resilient life.

If you don’t learn to get these needs met in healthy ways, you may feel a lot of chronic anger, frustration, bitterness, or disappointment in your life. You might also “misbehave” in your relationships because you never learned how to ask for and get your needs met in healthy, appropriate ways.

Here’s the deal.

Children Misbehave Because:

1. They don’t feel loved

2. They don’t feel valuable

3. They don’t feel like it’s safe to be themselves

4. They feel scared

5. They are struggling with their emotions

6. They don’t trust themselves

7. They don’t know what to do

8. They feel powerless

9. They are hungry, tired, stressed, or frustrated


Why Children Misbehave - child crying

Different configurations of a chart AND child development will often create predictable behavioral patterns in children.


For example:

1. People with an Open G-Center will often question their lovability

2. People with an Open Will Center will often question their value

3. People with an Open Spleen Center will often struggle with feeling safe or courageous

4. Most four-year-olds will struggle with fear and if you didn’t learn to manage your fear, it still might be limiting you.

5. Many four-year-olds will also struggle with emotions and BIG feelings and if you weren’t allowed to express your feelings, emotional regulation might still be hard for you

6. Children who are third-line profiles, sixth-line profiles and older Manifesting Generators will often struggle to trust themselves and that can bleed into adulthood

7. Children who don’t have a lot of “logical” definition in their charts or the Gate 48 defined in their chart will often feel overwhelmed. In adults, this can lead to all kinds of self-sabotage patterns and more…

I created the world’s first Family Coach Certification Training in the world in 2005.

The first time I led this training I was blown away because the biggest thing my students talked about was NOT how to raise resilient children. Instead, my adult students were profoundly moved by the exploration of how their lives might have been different if their parents had understood Human Design.

When Ra first received the information that would become Human Design, he was told that Human Design was for the children, but the adults have to learn it first to heal so that they can be better stewards for future generations.

Isn’t it time you discover the person you were born to be? (And remember just how lovable, powerful, valuable, and capable you are?)

Where to Start?

A good place to start would be to download a FREE CHART for you and your family to start to understand each other’s Human Design.

You may wish to work with a Human Design Specialist trained in Family Coaching to help you understand the family dynamics further.

From my Heart to Yours,


PS I hope this gives you new insights and ideas on ‘why children misbehave’.

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