The Truth About a Good Parent

The Truth About a Good Parent - parent and child holding hands

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

What is a GOOD parent?

Stop for a minute and really pay attention to your answer to this question.

Notice, especially if you’re a parent or a grandparent, how does this question make you feel? Do you feel guilty? Do you have regrets? Maybe even shame…?

Is a good parent a full-time stay-at-home mom/dad?

Is a good parent endlessly patient and giving?

Is a good parent a parent who has resources and gives their child everything?

Is a good parent a parent who has a child who is “good” – gets good grades, is successful at sports, goes to college….?

And if we – or our children – can’t meet these criteria, does this make us a “bad” parent?

Human Design is a powerful invitation to begin to explore ALL of our cultural conditioning and to define what is right and aligned for ourselves. That means that when we learn our Human Design and begin to live true to ourselves, we often have to dig deep to untangle ourselves out of cultural norms and expectations.

We discover that many of us are not designed to work in the traditional way that we define work. We learn that some of us aren’t designed to sleep in the way society teaches us to sleep – or relate in the way we are told is “healthy”.

But when it comes to parenting, letting go of societal norms and expectations feels a lot more challenging and complex.


The parenting relationship is a relationship that is so inextricably interwoven with a hope that we’ll get it “right”, that our children will succeed beyond our wildest dreams, and that all of our personal sweat and evolution will “pay off” for our children. There is no other relationship that we are more invested in.

Many of us also have a second, more insidious agenda. We hope that if we parent differently than how we were parented, we’ll heal all of our own trauma from our childhood. Our success will prove, once and for all, that our parents were wrong and we are right. In a way, we hope our own parenting success will prove to our parents that we know better.

Be gently honest with yourself.

How is your parenting influenced by a desire to NOT parent the way you were parented?

There is nothing wrong or bad about this motivation except that sometimes it causes us to try to do the opposite of our parents and that’s not always good for our kids either. People raised in authoritarian households often become permissive parents and vice versa instead of being the parent you are designed to be and parenting each of your children in the way that’s right for them..

What if “good” parenting is learning to parent in a way that is correct for you AND your child?

What if we give ourselves permission to define how we parent and what’s right for our unique families in the way that best meets the needs of the people in our family?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Projectors talk about how hard it is to keep up with their children. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard parents despair over how challenging their Manifest/Projector/Reflector child is… or how the frustration of their Generators is overwhelming and depleting…

There is NO FORMULA for “good” parenting.

There is only creating a parenting relationship that works for both YOU and your child…without expectation and without shame, guilt, and hope.

There are ZERO guarantees in parenting. Some of your children will spring from the womb and easily navigate the world no matter what kind of parent you are. You can devote your every waking hour to other children and they will still bump and struggle their way to adulthood – and sometimes even beyond…

BUT, there are some things you can do as a parent to be the best parent your child needs. Human Design is a key component of this, but it’s not the only thing. You also have to understand a child’s developmental needs, emotional and energetic needs, and even your own conditioning and experiences from when YOU were a child. All of these factors contribute to how you parent your child in a healthy and resilient way.

Where to Start?

A good place to start would be to download a FREE CHART for you and your family to start to understand each other’s Human Design.

You may wish to work with a Human Design Specialist trained in Family Coaching to help you understand the family dynamics further.

From my Heart to Yours,


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