What if Your Plateau Was an Abundant Meadow?

Does a Plateau Have to Feel Yukky?

I’m inviting you to contemplate the idea that a plateau doesn’t HAVE to feel yukky and non-descript… while sharing the story of how this vision came about.

Since discovering Quantum Human Design™ I’ve experienced so many moments of clarity around how and why I’ve struggled to take the necessary, desired steps forward over time – both while growing my current business and in seeing how I was impacted in ‘stuckness’ with a previous business years ago.

What is a Plateau anyway?

I never realised that ‘the plateau’ was going on for me back then – or maybe things would have been different. As a Manifesting Generator I have experienced sooo many plateaus in my time, I just never understood that’s what they were (and gave up/quit/restarted/back to the drawing board due to frustration).

In 2022 while I got stuck into level 2 of Quantum Human Design™, I took the leap and hired a wonderful business coach to help me find the momentum I had become so hung up on. It’s the best thing I have ever done for my mindset, because she always knows when I’m stopping myself from moving forward, and always helps me truly see and understand why this is happening.

I count myself very lucky to have found the right person to help me on this journey too. It was in fact this business coach who introduced me to Human Design when I first heard those immortal words ‘Manifesting Generator’ in 2021.

O No, I’m on a Plateau!

During 2023 I’ve been braving it and putting myself out there in front of people at Mind, Body, and Spirit events (something I never even saw myself doing) – the growth (both personal and professional) because of this has been wonderful to experience.

In October of 2023, I attracted the opportunity to do an event that attracts a lot of visitors twice yearly, and I really started to entertain visits from the ‘mind monkeys’ during this time. WHO AM I to do this? What AM I thinking???

As I busied myself preparing promotional flyers and making notes for the talk I was gearing up to deliver at this 2-day event, I noticed myself holding back. All of a sudden it felt as though I was doing NOTHING right, no new interest in my business, no excitement for what was to come – sheer panic was more like it – yet in actual fact I was gearing up for the biggest event in my business to date!

It was at this time I had a session with my coach (who is also a Manifesting Generator). “I’m on the plateau,” I said to her, “I can feel it. I would be giving up right now if it weren’t for this event, I can’t do it!”.

Her face was a picture! “A plateau?” She said. “Can I offer you a reframe? What you’re describing to me sounds like a bland, grey, dull, and boring place where nothing nice happens”.

Plateau - grey, bland and boring

If you’re familiar with being on a plateau you will know that’s exactly how it can feel!

“How about this – instead of this ‘nothingness’ you describe, which isn’t at all true, by the way – try seeing it as a beautiful place where you get to rest and replenish yourself. Like a meadow – let’s call it the meadow instead of the plateau.”

I felt my energy shift instantly! YES! I want to be in this beautiful, peaceful, abundant place. The meadow feels like a gorgeous place to hang out. I can make imaginary daisy chains and actually enjoy this space instead of feeling so ‘blah’ and irritated by the lack of tangible action. I was inspired – so much so that I immediately (after finishing the session) hopped onto my social media to share this beautiful reframe.

I No Longer Dread a Plateau.

The infamous plateau no longer felt like this place of dread where I felt inspiration drain from me, instead, I could just ‘be’ in this colorful, vibrant, luscious place of beauty and inspiration – I felt so much more connected to it and it felt so right. Who wouldn’t want to spend time here? Even if just for a while.

Are You Feeling Stuck on a Plateau?

If you’re reading this and now you recognise you’re stuck on a plateau (especially likely if you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator, but also good if your strategy involves waiting, or you’re lacking in inspiration while waiting for the next right step to show itself) then here are 3 simple ‘ponder points’ to turn it around.

1.      Evaluate

Is there really nothing happening right now? Have you actually been doing all the groundwork and just got caught up in ‘trying’ to make things happen? Is it time for you to rest and replenish while the Universe takes care of what’s coming next?

2.      Explore

What can you do to take care of you and your mindset right now? Do you have an accountability buddy or coach to help you find clarity on what’s really going on? Do you have someone you can use as a sounding board? Do you need to find one?

3.      Embrace

This is a time for you to check in with yourself. You’ve done all you needed to do and now it’s time to wait for the next thing to show up – have some fun while you wait! Do something just for yourself, something that makes you feel good – celebrate all you’ve done to get this far and stop focusing on what’s NOT happening. Self-care is a gift we can give ourselves at any point in time, so go and take care of you – you’ve earned it!

Now off you go, enjoy making those daisy chains in the meadow and see yourself out at play in the universe – she has so many magical gifts to share with us ✨ ✨ ✨


Author Bio:

Jacqueline Kent has always described herself as a ‘glass half-full kinda girl’ (this was long before she discovered that Gate 52, the gate of perspective is her unique gift to share with the world, as her conscious sun).

She is a certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and as a young girl she was always the one trying to do things differently, and often found folk coming to her with their stuff looking for a sounding board or advice – as life evolved this stayed with her, so she began to blend it beautifully into her work instead of just being ‘something she does’.

Her experience is her expertise, from being a mum at 16, parenting a young adult with a disability, through to domestic abuse, single parenthood, bereavement, and divorce to finding her real life happy ever after.

She now aims to offer hope to others that you truly can turn your life around – if you believe you can. Jacqueline uses energy healing techniques in her work including Reiki, EFT, and Crystal healing beautifully blended with her natural way with words (as a twice-published author) and having Quantum Human Design™ in her toolbox.

You can find out more about Jacqueline by visiting her About page on her website.

Or you can email her at hello@jacquelinekent.co.uk

Check Jacqueline’s Quantum Human Design Certifications here

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the guests and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of www.quantumhumandesign.com, www.freehumandesignchart.com, Dr. Karen Curry Parker, Quantum Alignment System, LLC, subsidiaries, or any corporate entities they represent.

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Jamila Jamie

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She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist, and certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember, she was able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving into Human Design for over ten years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

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