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So What is the Truth About Manifesting?

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

In a world that sometimes makes you feel like you’re out of control, it’s only natural that you try to find meaning and a sense of power over what happens to you – including what happens to your body and your health.

In recent years, the spiritual practice of manifesting has become part of popular jargon and practice. You might have tried manifesting using visualization, vision boards, or even affirmations to try to create something you want in your life.

Manifesting is often distilled down to the idea that your thoughts create your reality.

In other words, if you think it, it will come true.

The better skilled you are at regulating what you think, the better you get at manifesting. While thoughts are certainly part of the creative process, most people who try manifesting by simply “thinking” something into being are left feeling frustrated.

For years I taught a program called Prosperity Bootcamp, a course I created to help people learn how to get a better sense of control over the manifesting process in their life.

Mostly, I taught the class for myself because, at that time, I was struggling mightily with my own manifesting and I thought that if I taught this process to others, it would keep me steeped in the information so that I could also see the results I hoped for.

Prosperity Bootcamp was filled with students who had followed the concept of “your thoughts create your reality” with great zest and very little results.

Personally, I was also having variable results with my “manifesting” myself, even though I was pretty consistent with my visualizing and affirming. Despite the fact that I was using my mind with all my might to try to tackle my financial challenges and my relationship issues, it didn’t seem to really be working very well for me.

I was a full-time single mom at that time in my life, raising my four children on my own while struggling to grow my business so that I could create the resources to take care of my family. My dating life was miserable. I had a slew of relationships that reflected my own inner lack of value. There was very little time or energy left in my day for myself and my own self-renewal. I was living in survival mode just trying to keep everything afloat.

One day I found a lump in my breast.

I was so terrified that I ignored it for a few months until I couldn’t risk denying the problem any longer. As a nurse and an energy healer, I knew that I could visualize health and potentially improve the situation. I affirmed complete and total health on a daily basis, hoping that the lump would go away, but it didn’t.

Finally, fearing that my children would lose their mother, I eventually found the courage to go to the doctor and face the reality of a cancer diagnosis.

I kept my breast cancer a secret from everyone.

I struggled through surgery alone, stoic and self-reliant. Even though I faced pain, fear and illness, I continued to take care of my family and focus on my work. I had no friends. I didn’t want to burden my parents who had already done so much for me. I didn’t want to talk about my illness with my clients or online because I felt like my cancer was a manifestation of failure. My body was clearly demonstrating that I had no control over my thinking and, consequently, what I manifested.

After surgery, I was given Tamoxifen (hormonal therapy) to prevent recurrence. The Tamoxifen made my mood and my outlook on life extremely bleak. I struggled every day with deep depression, a common side-effect of Tamoxifen. This only served to deepen my sense of being a spiritual failure.

The quality of my life descended and the stress from being ill and still having to take care of my children and create all the finances to keep us afloat took more and more of a toll on my mind, body, and spirit.

I couldn’t figure out how, as a metaphysical teacher, a long-time meditator, and a person with affirmations plastered all over my house, I could be failing – in such a phenomenal way – to manifest perfect health. (Heck, at that point, I would have settled manifesting feeling even slightly BETTER!)

I was at my wit’s end when one day in meditation a voice in my head asked me how would I treat myself if I were my own client.

This question stopped me cold.

I realized that if I were my own client, I would advise myself to start looking at my experience as a metaphor for my life. If my life was a story and my body was giving me vital information about my story, what was my body trying to tell me?

I sat quietly with this contemplation, deeply aware that my body was crying to be heard.

As I listened deeply and explored the messages my body had for me, I realized that breasts are a metaphor for nurturing. The manifestation of cancer in my breast held the story of my body and my life crying out for self-care and rest.

I needed succor, spiritual nourishment, support, to be receptive to love, nurturing, and more balance in my life.

I realized that in plowing forward to be everything that I needed to be for my family and for my business, coupled with the fear that if I failed I’d be letting everyone else down, I had neglected myself.

This neglect led to my body crying out and begging me to stop and nurture myself.

For me, the first step was to stop taking the Tamoxifen. (**This was an incredibly personal decision and, if you’re facing similar issues, please consult your medical team before you make a similar choice.)

I needed to reconnect with my natural emotional energy in order to recalibrate and begin the process of creating a better story for my life.

Slowly, I added self-care and nurturing into my daily life.

It was a very steep learning curve as I soon discovered how deeply I had been conditioned by martyrdom. I reconnected with old memories of being praised for giving up what I want and need for the sake of others.

I realized that I had internalized stories from the women in my family that lauded their sacrifices, turning them into saints who gave it all for their loved ones, regardless of the cost to their health and well-being. This included stories of my grandmother accepting my grandfather’s infidelity and being praised for her patience and kindness.

I eventually realized that I could create my life however I chose and that there was no merit to martyring myself.

In fact, I discovered that I actually could do more for everyone, including myself, when I took care of myself first. I worked hard to rewrite our family narrative so that my children would grow up with a mother who understood how to create healthy harmony in her life and who modeled self-care.

My strength returned.

My body and I began to work together to create health. I listened to my body carefully and rested proactively with gusto – an entirely new way of living!

Obviously, the restoration of my health was my biggest takeaway, but I also learned something vital about the manifesting process. You can think all the good thoughts you want but they won’t manifest if your underlying story is incongruous with what you are trying to manifest.

To truly create what you want, you have to tell a story about who you are and how you are that matches how much you trust and believe that you are worthy to receive what you really want.

My body taught me to value myself enough to take care of myself. I had to begin to believe that I deserved rest, support, and nurturing in order to rewrite the story of all of my previous life experiences.

I realized that nothing outside of me could devalue me – not my ex-husband, not my ancestral lineage – not even my finances!

I learned that if I wanted more money, better health, more free time, and the presence to truly be with my children, I had to have an underlying story that precluded all of these outcomes. Once I internalized this understanding, I began to heal my story and my life’s creations shifted dramatically.

Again, this is my personal story and my personal choices.

There is no right or wrong way to create your very unique and amazing life. Each twist and turn in the plot outline serves a purpose and, sometimes, the reasons why we experience the things we experience in life are mysterious.

Sometimes there is no answer to the question, “Why?” But, we always have control over what we choose to do with what life brings us. Having a strong, resilient personal story gives you more influence over what you create in life and how you choose to experience it.

To me, one of the most powerful ways to use Quantum Human Design is to explore how the archetypes in your chart, influence your personal narrative.

The biggest challenge you face when taking back control of your personal narrative and reclaiming your natural creative power is to figure out exactly what stories you’re telling and which parts of your story do you need to change in order to activate your potential and improve the quality of your life.

If the story about who you are creates your experience of reality, then the most important question you need to be asking yourself is, Who is the “you” creating your life?

The answer to this question is creating every aspect of your life right now.

The most important thing you can do right now to support the creation of a vital, vibrant, and healthy life is to begin a systematic exploration of the meanings you hold about who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re capable of.

The most significant thing you can do to begin to activate your innate creative power and create optimal wellness is to untangle yourself from old collective and personal beliefs about lack and limitation.

Quantum Human Design is a powerful system that can help you explore your personal narrative in a systematic, step-by-step way so that you discover who you are, how you operate, and how to begin telling yourself and the world a more aligned authentic story that matches what you want for your life.

If you’re ready to take back control of your personal story and start creating the life you CHOOSE, join me on Saturday, January 20 for an online, LIVE 4-hour retreat, The StoryLab Experience: Healing Your Personal Narrative.

In the StoryLab you’re going to learn how to use your Quantum Human Design Chart as an intentional storytelling tool.

You’ll use your Chart to break down the elements of your personal story, layer by layer, helping you discover your life purpose, your soul curriculum, and exactly what you need to do to reclaim sovereignty over your life script.

Through exercises with prompts and creative exploration, you’ll discover exactly which elements in your story need to be elevated.

You’ll learn what you need to overcome in your story, to strengthen your resilience and reclaim your natural creative power.

Most importantly, you will begin the process of de-conditioning all the places where you’ve internalized the story that somehow it’s not okay, or even safe for you to be who you are and how you are.

I’ll see you in the lab!

Remember to bring your Quantum Human Design Chart

From my Heart to Yours,



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