The Innate Dilemma with Human Design

The Dilemma with Human Design - find your way

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

Two years ago, around this time, I submitted my final draft of a book I had been working on for more than 10 years, The Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design. I researched and wrote this book in response to some problems that I saw in the way the teachings of Human Design were being interpreted.

There is an innate dilemma with Human Design.

The goal of Human Design is to teach you to connect with your own inner authority. It is challenging for a system to have this idea woven into its pedagogy. How do you give people a system that, if they reject it or mutate it, they are still being “correct” in their alignment with “following” the system?

It’s tempting to use Human Design as a labeling system. Humans love labels. It’s our way of combatting the unknown.

But, labels can also be used as excuses.

If we go back to “source” materials, Ra taught that all Types can do all things.

All Types can be in relationship with all the other Types. The most important part of Human Design isn’t about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. If you enter into your relationship with your job, your friends and partners, even your relationship with your body and food CORRECTLY according to your Type, then you are living your Design.

This is why teaching people that certain Types can’t do certain things or that there is a specific way of eating or doing business according to Type is inherently in violation of Human Design “source” material. All Types can do all things.

The most important thing is not WHAT you do but HOW you enter into your relationship with whatever it is that you’re doing.

This is even true in relation to food and eating by “design”, there is so much science that shows that the relationship between food, nutrition, and wellness is much more complex and variable than what can be seen in a chart.

People’s bodies are cyclical.

Gut health is vital.

Certain diseases, genetic profiles and even season and environment can impact what constitutes good nutrition.

We are designed to be healthy.

We are designed to follow our own inner authority about what and how we eat and who we consult for good nutritional advice. There is no one right way. Only the way that feels correct for the person choosing.

If someone encounters Human Design and it doesn’t feel right or if they learn Human Design and explore their own interpretation of Human Design because the traditional teachings don’t resonate with them, THEN THEY ARE FOLLOWING THEIR HUMAN DESIGN.

The dogmatic following of these teachings and misinterpreting them as immutable facts is in direct violation of “source” material.

In my own journey with Human Design, as I worked for and witnessed how Human Design itself was changing in the early 2000s, my Sacral stopped responding to being a part of traditional Human Design.

As a nurse, a life coach, and an Energy Medicine practitioner, my personal mission was always to use Human Design therapeutically. At a certain point, after following my Strategy and Authority, I literally could not take myself to work anymore. My Sacral was not responding so I quit. I was as “correct” as one could be in following my own Human Design and have been correct ever since.

There’s a second dilemma in the Human Design teachings that is less obvious but more puzzling.

If, as Ra repeatedly stated, traditional Human Design is for the “not-self”, then the system as it’s being taught in traditional schools is incomplete.

This leaves us with some big questions, questions whose answers I believe are interwoven into what many people grapple with once they’ve been living according to their design for a while.

The two biggest concepts that many people wrestle with in Human Design are waiting and Strategy by Type. These two concepts are deeply co-mingled and a by-product of “no choice”.

I am hesitant to write about these ideas because, to a certain degree, they require us to embrace some core beliefs, or what I believe are universal truths. Again, Human Design is about finding YOUR truth so if you don’t resonate with what you’re reading that’s just fine.

The core beliefs that we have to embrace to be able to experience the “evolved” version of Human Design is that we are evolving and that this evolution isn’t just some mechanical unfolding of a program, but rather the expression of Life’s Intelligence unfolding through us. We also have to embrace the idea that we are partners in this relationship with Life’s Intelligence, not just corks bobbing on a neutrino sea.

We cannot evolve and partner with Life’s Intelligence if we don’t remember how to connect to this intelligence deliberately. If we are conditioned then we are reacting to old internal patterns rather than serving the evolution, inspiration, and collaboration of our partnership with Life’s Intelligence.

What if the goal of traditional Human Design is to get you to de-condition so that you can remember the voice of Life’s Intelligence inside of you?

If traditional Human Design is for the “not self” and the purpose of living true to your Type and Authority is to get you to de-condition the “not self”, then it stands to reason that Strategy and Authority have the role of helping people to heal from their conditioning.

Waiting is an essential part of this healing process.

Why do we wait and how long do we wait? We wait because oftentimes we need a hard “stop” to our current way of living. Most of us, when we first encounter Human Design, have been living a lifestyle that has been harshly conditioned by our cultural narrative and our own personal conditioning.

This is a narrative riddled with a destructive one-size-fits-all definition of “success” and value that has led most of us to internalize the message that we are not okay to be WHO we are or HOW we are. When we internalize this message over time, it literally kicks the body into a low-grade trauma response, creating chronic low-grade PTSD and fight-or-flight reactions to life.

It’s hard to make aligned choices when we live in this state. Instead we “choose” to push harder, hide our authentic identity, stay on the defensive, and basically put on a mask that hides who we truly are.

It takes A LOT of energy to maintain an identity that isn’t true to who we are.

Every time we say “yes” to something we really want to say “no” to, try to be something or someone we’re not, make a choice that feels wrong, give up a dream or a desire, nurture someone else at a cost to ourselves and choose circumstances that actually take us away from our joy and our Authentic Selves, we use an enormous amount of energy.

As my clients became more and more de-conditioned and more and more connected to their own Truth, many of them wanted a “bigger” version of Human Design. After years of playing with language and the frequencies of words, I created a new way to talk about your Human Design that reflects your potential AFTER you de-condition. I call this expansion of Human Design “Quantum Human Design”.

The Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design is a codex that helps you explore who you can grow into becoming and your unique cosmic role that you experience once you’ve done the work of remembering who you are, how you are, and – most importantly – how to truly LOVE and VALUE yourself.

“To love yourself is to open up love for everyone and everything that is part of your life. It’s no longer rooted in your dependencies, your inferiorities, your inadequacies. To be correct is to appreciate your own magic, your own beauty. So I continue to remind you, love yourself.”

Ra Uru Hu

The Dilemma with Human Design - Love Yourself

Ra himself taught about the importance of self-love because it’s inherent in giving our life direction and healing, not only our own personal lives but the world. The single biggest result of the de-conditioning process is to remember how to love ourselves so that we can take back sovereignty over our own life direction and heal the world.

Once we de-condition and reconnect with the cadence of the voice of Life’s Intelligence inside of us, then we no longer have to wait. We are able to discern the difference between our collective narrative and the conditioning field and our pure connection to Source. Once we understand this, then we are collaborative partners in our own evolution and, ultimately, the evolution of the world.

Let’s remember that Ra died before many of this past decade’s scientific explorations became part of our popular dialogue. Some of this new science includes the study of heart coherence, neural plasticity, epigenetics, psycho-immunology, and more. We know that our physical bodies are highly malleable and respond specifically to the quality of self-love, self-worth, and our perception of how much control we have over our life experiences.

It is my hope that Quantum Human Design continues to support you in remembering your vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan.

From my Heart to Yours,


P.S. Want to do an exercise that is WILDLY revelatory and will blow your mind?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A copy of your Quantum Human Design chart
  2. A copy of the Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design
  3. A copy of the NotSelf/MySelf Diamond handout


This exercise will take a bit of time. I encourage you to do a little bit daily.

Look up every element of your chart (Type, Lines of your Profile, the Centers, the Circuits, and the Gates) in the Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design.

Write the “shadow” (Unbalanced) elements in the “NotSelf” Diamond.

Write the “high” (Optimal) expression of the elements in your “MySelf” Diamond.

When you are complete, you will have a very clear picture of what you’re here to learn and what core archetypal themes are essential to your life path and journey.

From my Heart to Yours,


How to Avoid a Dilemma with Human Design

Why not download your FREE Human Design chart here?

At its core, Human Design is a unique system that offers profound insights into your inner self and how you interact with the world around you. Your Human Design chart is a valuable tool that can help you understand your true nature, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and unlock your full potential.

By downloading and reviewing your unique Human Design Chart you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery that will empower you to make conscious choices in all aspects of your life. Your chart is an Energy Blueprint of your unique energy configuration and contains valuable information about your personality traits, your natural talents, and your life purpose. With this knowledge, you’ll navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity.

Human Design is a deeply empowering system that encourages us to embrace our true selves, rewrite our personal narrative, and live in alignment with our inner wisdom. When we align with our authentic nature, we tap into a wellspring of creativity, joy, and fulfillment that flows effortlessly through us.

There’s More – How To Learn More About Human Design

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