The Difference Between a Rebellion and a Revolution with Human Design

Difference between a rebellion and a revolution - Gate 26

What is the difference between a rebellion and a revolution? What is the impact of Human Design on integrity?

I hope this week finds you stoking the flames of revolution in your life.

My daughter’s school is just a few blocks away from where George Floyd was killed. The street that her school is on was right in the middle of the unrest here in Minneapolis last summer.

Her school is quite diverse and, as seventh graders, they are very aware of the major issues of injustice and inequality playing out in our culture. This year they have taken to “marching” in protest around the perimeter of the playground during recess. At least once a week there is a rally of some kind happening during lunch.

The kids are sensing and feeling that things are somewhat out of whack on our planet. I love that, even though they are young, they feel a certain obligation to raise their voices and do their best to disrupt the status quo.

My daughter struggles with some of this. As an empath and an Orchestrator/Projector, she questions the efficacy of marching around the playground. She struggles with whether to join the other kids or not. She wants to support her classmates by taking some kind of stand that leaves them feeling empowered in a situation where they don’t have a whole lot of power, but she doesn’t feel aligned with yelling and holding up signs.

She tells me, “Mommy, I’m here to start a revolution, not be part of a rebellion.”

As a child with massive amounts of Transformation Circuitry in her chart, I know that what she says is true. She’s here to bring sustainable change.

Human Design Bodygraph

What is the difference between a rebellion and a revolution?

Before I unpack the answer, let me assure you that we need both. Rebellions spark revolutions and both are essential.

Rebellions are emotional, intense reactions to circumstances and situations that don’t feel right. Revolutions are sustained, deliberate movements pointed towards making permanent and lasting change. Revolutions are often sparked first by rebellions.

Both invoke disrupting the status quo, but rebellions are often not as long-lived and enduring as revolutions and can sometimes be rooted in messy undercurrents of complex and personal motivations. Revolutions are usually more aligned with clear drives and intentions.

Because rebellions are reactive, they are often born of emotional experiences – dysregulations – that signal that a situation is no longer acceptable. The unsustainable nature of a rebellion is often rooted in a failure to explore the true source of the emotional response.

When we feel “rebellious” our emotions are giving us a signal that something needs to be protected or activated in order for us to feel safe. Our anger and outrage are often rooted in some kind of experience that causes us to feel devalued or disempowered.

If we engage in rebellion with the intention of proving our value – our “rightness” – or by trying to use rebellion to regain our power, we create a movement that is, by definition, out of integrity and unsustainable. A “breach” in integrity happens when we are out of alignment with our self-worth.

Human Design shows us that our sense of self-worth is rooted in Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity.

There are five kinds of integrity associated with Gate 26. If we question our value, we may also experience a breach in any of these five areas of integrity. If we experience a breach in any of these areas of our life, it has the power to affect our self-worth.

There are 5 kinds of integrity:
  1. Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.
  2. Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.
  3. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money.
  4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that your actions are honest and aligned with high principles and values.
  5. Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

We feel rebellious when our emotions signal to us that there is some kind of breach of integrity.


If we act on those emotions beyond giving voice to them, the actions we take will be unsustainable. The changes we seek to make will not last because we failed to do the work underneath to heal the breach in integrity.

This is why, in order to create lasting change on the planet, we must first heal our self-worth and anything that is keeping us from being in integrity. If we don’t, the energetic platform for sustaining the change won’t last.

If you try to make a change without healing your self-worth, you’re just going to repeat the pattern in a different situation over and over again.

Until you finally get that you are a unique, vital and irreplaceable part of the Cosmic Plan and you are deeply and wildly connected to your preciousness, any change you make will be temporary.

To create a true revolution in your life – to be deliberate, clear, focused and intentional – you have to heal your self-worth. You have to act in accordance with your deep awareness of who you are and what you’re here to do.

When you create from that place, then your ability to enact enduring sustainable change in your life and on the planet increases exponentially.

You will consciously start a revolution in your life – and in the world.

The single most important thing you can do to make lasting change in the world is to heal your self-worth.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t also contribute to causes, take action and work to help people in pain in the moment, but if we are going to live on a planet that is equitable, just, sustainable, abundant and peaceful we MUST heal the karma of self-worth first.

Here’s to creating a Revolution of Love.

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From my Heart to Yours,


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