The Consciousness of Peace and Putin

Putin Chart

What has Putin got to do with this?

As Creatives – that’s YOU – we are tasked with leading the world and building the future.

The science and study of consciousness have shown us that to truly change our experience of the physical world, we have to tackle making changes on multiple levels.

Obviously, one of the ways we can change the world is to actually do the work of transforming our physical reality into what we want. We can cook, eat, rest, nurture, fight for, strengthen and build in order to create change.

If we approach making changes simply on the physical level we are compelled to have to follow the rules of right timing – sometimes the change you seek isn’t possible because the timing is off.

Physical change also compels us to have all the details of the change we seek figured out and we must have a semblance of control over the situation – which is not always the case.

We may want to physically change the situation in Ukraine, but we literally can’t, other than sending money, renting Airbnbs or buying Ukrainian digital products on Etsy. Very few of us are going to pack up and head to Poland to help out.

The other way we can make change is to shift the consciousness of the situation, to build a field of information – a prayer field – on the quantum level that will be big enough and strong enough that it reaches critical mass, collapses into the physical realm and literally manifests into formation.

A Course in Miracles teaches that everything in the physical world is a symptom of our internal alignment (or misalignment). Our outer reality is the result of the state of our consciousness.

We often think of prayer as beseeching and asking for something. Personally, I think it’s a powerful and vital idea to pray for peace.

As Creatives – that’s YOU – we are tasked with leading the world and building the future. Creatives know how to harness Life’s Intelligence and mine it for creative solutions.

But we can’t create peace if we don’t first look at how to BE peaceful. You can’t see the solutions or occupy the information field that IS the solution if you don’t embody the archetype of the solution first. You must be a “vibrational match” to the solution.

You must literally BE the change you want to see in the world.

To create abundantly, you must first occupy the information field that is abundance. You create sustainably you must first BE sustainable. And so on.

This also means you have to look at the consciousness that created the situation in the first place and explore how to better align yourself to shift and change the outcome.

Let me be clear here. People on the planet need food, shelter, safety, protection and rescuing. These are profoundly enormous physical jobs that require physical work.

We can’t forsake this vital work in the world. We still have to do the work of healing racism. We still have to help those who are unhoused find homes. We still have to help people heal and ensure their safety.

But if we’re going to make sustainable changes in how the world itself comes together and is expressed, then we must also do the “work” on the consciousness level.

Human Design is a powerful tool that can help us understand the dynamics of our physical experience.

If you look at the chart as a dynamic map that outlines potential and possibility we can use our Human Design charts to explore exactly which changes in our thinking and consciousness, do we need to make in order to shift and change the formation of our physical world.

The violence that is happening in Ukraine is held, in consciousness, in all of us. It is the artifact of our collective consciousness – the thoughts, traumas and emotions we hold.

In the physical realm, Putin has initiated this tragedy. On the quantum level, Putin is a symptom of our collective consciousness. We created him. Obviously not deliberately and obviously not on a personal level, but the manifestation of his actions is a function of our combined thoughts and consciousness.

You wouldn’t be seeing his face or hearing his name if you weren’t in some way in a quantum tangled hierarchy with the manifestation of Putin.

This is actually an empowered understanding. If we can create the experience that is Putin, we can also realign and dis-create it but changing our consciousness.

If we use Putin’s Human Design chart as a map, we can begin to see exactly what we need to examine within ourselves to begin to shift this field of consciousness.

I’m going to list below key elements of Putin’s chart for you to explore and to contemplate. These are universal human attributes (Yes, we have elements of his Type within all of us….) that affect all of us regardless of our Human Designs.

I’m also going to list an affirmation and an EFT (The Emotional Freedom Techniques) setup for each of these elements. (If you are unfamiliar with EFT, you can learn more HERE.)

Quantum Human Design

Putin is a Manifestor, Initiator in Quantum Human Design™.

That means that he is designed, through aligned action, to initiate others into their full authentic expression by following his own inner alignment and connection with the desires of Life’s Intelligence.


Spiritual Purpose: Translate Divine Inspiration into Action

Quantum Purpose: To initiate people into the frequency of transformation and creativity through direct access to the Quantum Pulse

Emotional Theme: Anger

The Initiator has a direct, non-verbal connection to Divine Inspiration. When an Initiator feels the internal alignment and a sense of the right timing for action, the role of the Initiator is to follow through on the inspiration with the matching action.

If an Initiator is unable to follow through with the matching action or if they are interrupted in their creative flow and forced to stop their creative follow-through or explain, with words, what they’re doing the Initiator can experience the emotional theme of anger.

Anger is a signal that the creative flow of the Initiator has been interrupted. The “anger” is the force of their creative energy that has nowhere else to go because it is no longer being channeled into action.

Optimal Expression: A awakened Initiator is deeply connected to Divine Inspiration and the flow of Spirit, as the result of a deep connection to the value of the unique role that only the Initiator can play. A masterful Initiator is aware of their power, informs those who will be impacted by their actions and moves forward when the timing is right.

They own their power, never allow the judgement of others to impede their creative flow and are honoring and aware of the initiating force they bring to the world. They serve the Creative Muse and are transformational agents of change.

Unbalanced Expression: The unbalanced Initiator either hides their power and fails to initiate or feels the need to overcompensate for their internal feelings of powerlessness by power struggling. The unbalanced initiator fails to inform out of fear of being stopped, controlled or having their power questioned.

The failure to inform creates the energy of anger and resentment in their relationships further creating the possibility of power struggles or shutting down of their personal power. The misuse of power can result in burnout and depletion and a deep sense of feeling misunderstood and alone.

Lesson/Challenge: The challenge of the Initiator is to learn to use their creative essence sustainably. To be sustainable and to truly serve their purpose of initiating others, the Initiator must heal their relationship with their personal power, reclaim their power, cultivate an internal alignment with their own truth and their own creative flow and learn to be at peace with the idea that they are uniquely connected to a creative force in a way that not many others share.

Once an Initiator can integrate the value of their power and their role in the world, then they can also heal their feelings of being alone and embrace the unique role that they play in waking the world.


  1. How do you feel about being powerful? Were you allowed to “follow your own flow” as a child? Was your power acknowledged and supported? Do you feel comfortable being powerful?
  2. Is anger a theme in your life? Does your fear of anger or your suppression of anger stop you from doing what you want in life?
  3. What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought to your awareness for you to fully embrace the value of your unique initiating role in the world?
  4. Are you out of physical, moral, resource, identity or energetic integrity? What do you need to do to be in integrity with yourself, your energy or others?
  5. What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought to your awareness for you to trust your own powerful connection to your own right timing?


I am a powerful creative force. I trust my own inner sense of timing to take action on my creative intentions. I follow my creative flow and inform those who may be impacted by my actions so that they can support me and clear the path for me to do what I need to do.

I recognize my value and know that when I follow my creative flow, I am not only bringing something new into the world, I am initiating others into new possibilities. I value the unique role that only I can play. I honor my power and commit myself to nurture my energy so that I can act with great power when the timing is correct. I am a transformational force, and my actions change the world.

EFT Setups:

Even though I feel powerless…

Even though I don’t trust myself…

Even though my anger is overwhelming me…

Even though it was never safe for me to feel powerful…

Even though I learned that controlling others was a way to feel powerful…

Putin is a 5/1 Profile.

That means he’s a Visionary Leader and a Resource when he’s expressing his Profile in its highest form.

Line 1: Investigator | Resource

Purpose: To lay the information foundation for the security and safety of all of us.

Needs: To build a foundation of information in order to feel prepared

Drive: Curiosity

Fear: Not knowing enough or fear of the unknown

Optimal Expression: To learn to value and trust your curiosity. To know that when you feel curious and inspired to learn about something, it’s a signal that the information you will gather will ultimately serve a need.

To know that there is a Cosmic Intelligence that points you in the right direction to gather the information that is yours to share with others and to know that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it. To learn to celebrate and value the depth of your knowledge.

Unbalanced Expression: To let the fear of the unknown or your fear of not knowing cause you to be frenetic in your gathering of data. To not trust in the divine unfolding of the next right step and to overcompensate for your fear by over-preparing or getting lost in the data.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to trust that when the time is right, the right information will appear. The challenge of the First Line is to embrace your role as a resource for others and to discover where to learn and how to gather information so that the unknown simply becomes a new opportunity to learn something new.


  1. 1. Do you trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it? Why or why not?
  2. What do you need to do to deepen your trust in the flow of information and your ability to know how to know?
  3. List some ways that you have served as a resource for others. Do you value what you know?


I am a wealth of information for the world. My natural curiosity inspires me to explore information in order to build a strong foundation of understanding about how the world works and what is necessary to ensure well-being, abundance and the fulfillment of potential.

I know how to access information and this knowledge allows me to surrender to the deep knowing that I’ll know what I need to know when I need to know it.

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m afraid of the unknown…

Line 5: Heretic | Visionary Leader

Purpose: To serve as a “Karmic Mirror” for others and to support the healing process through the reflection by teaching and sharing the highest potential of humanity possible. To teach, lead and inspire.

Needs: To be seen and heard for who you are by people who respect your leadership and wisdom

Drive: To experience and learn from life and to take those experiences and share what you know with others

Fear: Not being or feeling truly seen or heard. Being subject to the false expectations of others.

Optimal Expression: To be able to lead others to the fulfillment of personal and collective expectations in a sustainable and healthy way.

To see what’s possible, to gauge where people are and what they need to be led towards, and to do so in a way that is inspiring and uplifting. To teach, lead and inspire those who are ready and to be able to gauge who you are here to lead.

Unbalanced Expression: To be so afraid of the expectations and projections of others that you hideout. To fail to lead. To take the unhealthy expectations and projections of others and internalize them.

Lesson/Challenge: To not let the expectations or projections of others cause you to hide out to the degree that you can’t be “found”. To learn to watch and reflect and to not take the perspectives of others personally.

To see the potential of others but to not fall in love with it or to coach and coax it into fulfillment at a cost to yourself. To cultivate a high enough sense of self-worth and value that the unhealthy opinions and expectations of others don’t hurt you.


  1. How healthy is my self-worth?
  2. Do I have trauma to my sense of personal value that needs to be healed?
  3. How do I handle the projections of others?
  4. Am I hiding out?


People see in me what they need to heal in themselves. I hold their reflection with love, and I do not take it personally. My gift is my ability to see people’s potential and to treat them accordingly.

I stand strong in my own value and my ability to lead others. I nurture myself and fulfill my own potential with the knowingness that the more I embrace my own value, the more value I have to give to others.

EFT Setup:

Even though no one sees me for who I am….

Putin’s chart reveals an Open Head Center, Open Ajna, Open G-Center, Open Will Center, Open Sacral Center and an Open Emotional Solar Plexus.

Head | Quantum Interface Center

Biology: Pineal Gland, Eyes

Chakra: Crown

Resiliency Keys: Decisiveness, Self-Trust

Quantum Purpose: To use inspiration and possibility thinking to trigger imagination and a creative frequency of energy.

Open: A vessel for Inspiration

Optimal Expression: To be an observer of Inspiration. To learn to trust that the inspirations that are yours to follow will reveal themselves on the material plane

Unbalanced Expression: confusion, feeling lost, mental pressure, self-doubt, the pressure to “figure things out”

Lesson/Challenge: To use ideas to inspire aligned thoughts and imaginations


  1. Am I afraid of the unknown?
  2. Do I trust the Universe to reveal the next right step?
  3. Am I under pressure to figure things out?


I amplify inspiration and use it to stimulate my imagination. I use inspiration as an energy that I cultivate. I trust and wait that when the timing is right, the inspirations that are mine to follow will reveal themselves to me.

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m always under pressure to find the answer….

Even though I’m afraid of the unknown…

Ajna | Divine Translator

Biology: Sinus, mouth, teeth, face, pituitary gland

Chakra: Ajna

Resiliency Keys: Decisiveness, Self-Trust

Quantum Purpose: To translate inspiration into potential third-dimensional applications and to imagine possibilities for the purpose of stimulating a creative (emotional) frequency of energy.

Open: The ability to see all potentials and possibilities from multiple perspectives. Open-minded.

Optimal Expression: To see ideas through many different perspectives. To be open-minded in how you envision and imagine. To embrace unlimited possibilities and to make peace with the unknown.

Unbalanced Expression: To be under pressure to figure things out. To exert effort to try to hold onto a fixed vision. To fear the unknown.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to be at peace with different visions and possibilities. To embrace the value of seeing perspectives from multiple angles. To learn to be comfortable with the unknown.


  1. Are you afraid of the unknown?
  2. Are you struggling to be certain about fixed ideas and beliefs?


I embrace my innate ability to see ideas and beliefs from many different angles. This open-minded perspective is part of my creative power and helps me see opportunities and potentials that others can’t see. I enjoy the open flow of my mind. I trust that when I don’t know an answer that the next right step will be revealed to me and I am at peace with the unknown.

EFT Setup:

Even though my mind is always changing…

Even though I struggle to be certain…

G | Calibration Center

Biology: blood, liver

Chakra: Heart

Resiliency Keys: Lovability, Decisiveness, Courage, Authenticity

Quantum Purpose: To give direction to love, sustainability, leadership, release, empowerment, Spirit, embodiment, natural order, compassion and peace. Holds the magnetic resonance field of the Magnetic Monopole.

Open: To experience a variety of personal narratives as a way of gauging and learning about authentic self-expression. To deeply feel the stories of others. From your experience of the stories of others, consciously choose your own life path.

Optimal Expression: To be deeply wise about the potential of the story of humanity. To choose which elements of the human condition and narrative you want to integrate as part of yourself. To know that who you are is evolving and expanding. To use other people’s narratives to consciously calibrate your own direction.

Unbalanced Expression: To question your lovability. To struggle with direction. To allow your direction and the calibration of your Magnetic Resonance Field be conditioned by others. To struggle to feel “at home” in the world.

Lesson/Challenge: To not experience the narrative of another as your own. To learn to sample people’s stories and expressions and to gauge which ones feel aligned with your value and values.

To integrate elements of these stories into your own personal understanding of your unique life path. Learning to place yourself in the right location and embedded in the right stories that reflect your lovability and authentic self-expression.


  1. Do you feel lovable?
  2. Do you feel lost?
  3. Do you know the difference between your own narrative and the narrative of others?
  4. Do you over-identify with others?
  5. Do you know how to feel someone else’s story and to not become it?


How I experience myself if fluid and dynamic. I enjoy and savor the stories and experiences of others as a witness, never allowing myself to get lost in someone else’s story. I choose the elements of the story of humanity that reflect my own value and values.

I allow myself to let my personal narrative evolve with experience and embrace all the many delicious directions my life takes me. I allow myself to settle where I feel most at home, knowing that this may change as I gather the pieces of my narrative that I need to gather to continue my own journey of growth and evolution.

EFT Setup:

Even though I don’t feel lovable…

Even though I feel lost…

Will | Resource Center

Biology: Cardiovascular system, stomach, thymus, gallbladder, heart

Chakra: Heart

Resiliency Keys: Self-Worth, Vitality, Empowerment

Quantum Purpose: To assign with sustainability, community, Truth and value

Open: To learn to define value on your own terms. To learn to create in flow, not through willing your way through.

Optimal Expression: To evaluate the integrity and alignment with value in others. To gauge your level of investment in circumstances that do not match your own value and values.

To have the freedom to consciously choose what you consider to be valuable and to build your life around it. To live from an internal sense of your own value. To learn to trust in sufficiency. To fully embody “enough-ness” (I AM enough…)

Unbalanced Expression: To engage in actions and choices in an attempt to prove your value to others.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to not define your value by the expectations and formulas of others. To experience a variety of different values and to consciously choose your own values. To define success on your own terms.


  1. Do you know your own value?
  2. Do you trust Source?
  3. Do you live your life in alignment with your values?


I define value and what is truly valuable on my own terms. I decide for myself what is valuable and I construct a life that is a reflection of my values.

I trust in Source and the flow of sufficiency in my life. I know that I have a unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Divine Plan. I follow my right path in the fulfillment of this right place, and I trust that I’ll have all I need when I need it.

Solar Plexus | Creative Center

Biology: Adrenals, kidney, the vagal nerve, solar plexus neuron network, pancreas

Chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Resiliency Keys: Courage, Emotional Wisdom, Empowerment, Decisiveness

Quantum Purpose: To hold the frequency of energy for abundance and faith

Open: The ability to hold your own emotional frequency no matter what others may be experiencing. The ability to be calm during an emotional storm. To be emotionally empathic.

Optimal Expression: To be able to hold your own emotional frequency even when others are struggling to sustain theirs.

Unbalanced Expression: To allow your emotional well-being and baseline frequency to be influenced by others. To give up what you want and need to keep others happy. To compromise on your values, value and dreams for others because you can’t hold your own baseline frequency.

Lesson/Challenge: To not let your emotional energy be hijacked by the emotional energy of others. To use your emotional awareness to cultivate empathy and compassion.


  1. Is your baseline frequency abundant?
  2. Is it okay for you to speak your truth?
  3. Can you disconnect from other people’s emotions?


I am an empath. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to read the emotional energy and alignment of others. I observe emotional energy and only allow myself to accept emotional frequencies that I choose and those in close alignment with my own.

I speak my truth and ask for what I want without worrying about the impact of other people’s feelings on my own needs and desires. I am compassionate and empathetic. My emotional clarity and detachment are my gift to others.

EFT Setup:

Even though I don’t value myself…

Sacral | Evolution Center

Biology: Ovaries, testes, and all reproductive organs

Chakra: Sacral

Resiliency Keys: Decisiveness, Courage, Vitality, Empowerment

Quantum Purpose: To respond with action to the needs of others to support the evolution of community and the expression of abundance and compassion.

Open: To use your sensual experience of workforce and life force energy to know what needs to be done and to guide others to do it.

Optimal Expression: To experience life force energy and vitality and to use it to guide and direct others to do the work. To know what needs to be done and how to tap into the resources to facilitate getting it done without actually having to do it yourself.

Unbalanced Expression: To take in vitality and life force and use it as if it’s your own. To not know when enough is enough and burn out by overdoing.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to allow others to do the building while you do the guiding. To learn to know when enough is enough when it comes to hustling and work. To work with your energy ebbs and flows without burning out.


  1. Do you know when enough is enough?
  2. Are you burned out?
  3. What strategies do you have to rest and renew your energy so that you don’t burn out?
  4. Do you trust that you’ll be supported?
  5. Do you value rest?
  6. Do you judge yourself for resting?
  7. Do you allow the judgments of others to keep you from the vital rest you need?

Affirmation: I am wise about how to use workforce and life force energy. I see the potential of the work that needs to be done and I delegate and manage others doing the work.

I recognize when enough is enough and I nurture, renew and regenerate my energy as needed in order to stay sustainable. I am a vital and wise resource to others and I work with those who see my gifts, strengths, and values. My ability to see the potential of what needs to be done allows me to serve the evolution and unfolding of the Divine Plan.

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m depleted…

Even though I don’t know when enough is enough…

Putin is the Left Angle Incarnation Cross of Endeavor 2 – the Left Angle Cross of Self-Regulation 2 in Quantum Human Design™.

Let’s break down the Gates in his Cross and examine the “shadow” themes of these vital Gates.

His Conscious Sun is in the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom in Quantum Human Design™.

In the shadow, this is an energy that can be experienced as inadequacy, the fear of not being “enough”. Marry that with his Open Will Center and we see a perfect configuration that drives Putin to try prove his own adequacy.

Gate 48: Wisdom

Optimal Expression: The wisdom to explore and learn the depth of knowledge necessary to create a strong foundation for action and mastery. The self-trust to trust your ability to know how to know and your connection the Source as the true source of your knowledge.

Unbalanced Expression: Paralysis in inadequacy. To be afraid to try something new or to go beyond your comfort zone because you think you don’t know or that you’re not ready.

Lesson/Challenge: To allow yourself to trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it. To not let the fear of not knowing stop you from creating. To not let “not knowing” hold you back.

Resiliency Key: Self-Trust, Courage

Journal Questions:

Do you trust your own knowing? What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought to your awareness for you to deepen your self-trust?

What practice do you have that keeps you connected to the wisdom of Source? How can you deepen your connection to Source?

Affirmation: I am a depth of wisdom and knowledge. My studies and experiences have taught me everything I need to know. I push beyond the limits of my earthly knowledge and take great leaps of faith as a function of my deep connection to Source knowing that I’ll always know what I need to know when I need to know it.

EFT Setup: Even though I don’t feel like I’ll ever be ready to share my gifts with the world….

His Unconscious Sun is in the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting.

The shadow of this energy is that, while he may be good at starting things as an Initiator with the Gate 53, once he starts, he doesn’t always know how to finish things up. Combined with his Open Sacral, this can lead to a dangerous potential for him to truly not know when enough is enough.

Gate 53: Starting

Optimal Expression: The ability to sit with inspiration and be attuned to what the Inspiration wants and needs. To launch the initiation sequence for an idea and initiate it and then let the idea follow it’s right course with trust in the flow.

Unbalanced Expression: Reacting to the pressure to get an idea started. To feel like a failure because everything you start against right timing fails. To be afraid to start anything because of the trauma of your past “failures”. Starting everything and never reaping the rewards of what you start.

Lesson/Challenge: To respond in alignment with your energy blueprint to opportunities to get things started. To initiate the process of preparing or “setting the stage” for the manifestation of a dream before it becomes a reality. To learn to trust in the timing of the Universe and not take charge and try to implement your own ideas while working against Divine Timing. To not burn out trying to complete things. To find peace as a “starter”, not a “finisher”.

Resiliency Key: Vitality, Empowerment

Journal Questions:

How do you feel about yourself when you have an idea, and you can’t get it initiated?

How do you feel when someone takes your initial idea and builds on it? Do you value what you started?

What identities and attachments do you have to be the one who starts and finishes something?

Do you judge yourself for not finishing something? How can you be more gentle with yourself?

Do you trust Divine Timing? How can you deepen your trust in right timing?

Affirmation: I am a servant to Divine Inspiration. My thoughts, inspirations and ideas set the stage for creative expansion and the potential for evolution. I take action on the ideas that present themselves to me in an aligned way.

I honor all other ideas knowing that my gift is in the spark of energy that gets things rolling when the timing is right. While I wait for the right timing, I guard my energy and charge my battery so that I am sustainable when the time is right for action.

EFT Setup: Even though I feel pressure to finish what I’ve started, and I don’t know what to do….

Putin’s Conscious Earth highlights the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation.

In the shadow, this is the energy of control. To fight his inadequacy, he needs to feel in control and control others. He also needs to be in control of resources because when we feel like we are “not enough” one of the ways we compensate for our “not enoughness” and the accompanying sense of scarcity is to hoard, steal or seize the resources of others.

Gate 21: Self-Regulation

Optimal Expression: the ability to regulate your inner and outer environment in order to sustain a vibrational frequency that reflects your true value. The ability to be self-generous and to set boundaries that maintain your value and support you in being sustainable in the world. To take the actions necessary to honor your unique role in the cosmic plan.

Unbalanced Expression: To feel the need to control life, others, resources, etc. out of fear that you aren’t worthy of being supported.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to let go. To master self-regulation. To release the need to control others and circumstances. To trust in the Divine and to know that you are supported. Knowing that you are worthy of support, and you don’t have to over-compensate.

Resiliency Key: Self-Worth, Vitality, Empowerment

EFT Setup:

Even though I control my feeling out of control by trying to control others…

Even though I feel out of control…

Even though I’m scared when I feel out of control…

Even though I overpower others to feel in control…

Journal Questions:

Where do you need to release control in your life?

Do you trust the Universe?

Do you value yourself? Do you trust that you’ll be supported in accordance with your value?

What do you need to do to create an internal and external environment of self-generosity?

What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought to your awareness for you to embrace your true value?

Affirmation: I am worthy of claiming, protecting and defending my right place in the world. I create an inner and outer environment that is self-generous and I regulate my environment to sustain a high frequency of alignment with my true value. I know that I am an irreplaceable and precious part of the cosmic plan and I create my life to reflect the importance of my right place in the world.

Putin’s Unconscious Earth highlights Gate 54, Divine Inspiration.

In the high expression of this energy, he is designed to be connected deeply to Source and to use Divine Inspiration to transform pain into power and to increase the value of others.

In the shadow, he may struggle to feel connected to Source – a natural thing for a former communist. That lack of connection leaves his natural initiating energy to be somewhat directionless, a challenge for anyone with an Open G-Center, and can make his initiating be aligned with a deeply personal agenda instead of for the greater good of all.

Gate 54: Divine Inspiration

Optimal Expression: The ability to cultivate a deep relationship with the Divine Muse, to nurture the inspirational fruits of the muse and to serve as a steward for inspiration by aligning the idea energetically and preparing the way by laying foundational action and building.

Unbalanced Expression: To react to the pressure that you have to fulfill an inspiration and to use force to push the inspiration into form even though it might not be your idea/dream to manifest or the right time to bring it forth.

Lesson/Challenge: To learn to be a conduit for Divine Inspiration. To be patient and to wait for alignment and right timing before acting. To be at peace with stewardship for ideas and to learn to trust the divine trajectory of an inspiration.

Resiliency Key: Vitality, Empowerment

Journal Questions:

What do you do to get inspired? How do you interface with your creative muse?

Is there anything you need to do or prepare in order to be ready for the next step in the manifestation of your dream or inspiration?

Affirmation: I am a Divine Conduit for inspiration. Through me, new ideas about creating sustainability and peace on the planet are born. I tend to my inspirations, give them love and energy and prepare the way for their manifestations in the material world.

EFT Setup:

Even though I feel disconnected from Source…

Even though I hate waiting for Divine timing to act on my ideas…

Even though I have all these ideas and they don’t work out…

If we look at the rest of PUTIN’s chart, his definition reveals that, in the highest expression, he is designed to take Divine Inspiration and use it to help transform the metrics of value on the planet.

With his profound awareness of right and Divine timing, his inner knowing signals the timing of right action that facilitates the gathering of others and unifying them around new convictions and ideas that serve the evolution of humanity.

Or not.

Even though my own lack of value causes me to feel in competition with others…

Even though I compare myself to others…

Even though I believe there is not enough in the world…

Let’s come together and “tap” on these core issues in relation to our own life experience and consciousness.

The more we clear these shadow expressions within ourselves, the more we clear them for the world.

From my Heart to Yours,



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Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 and is now the Director of the Quantum Alignment System™, which is the advanced integrated Professional Training created by Karen Curry Parker that blends the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Human Design™, subtle body therapies (quantum essential oils & quantum flower essences) and traditional coaching. She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through Certification. Jamila is the creator of the powerful Flower Essences used in this program.

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist, and certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember, she was able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving into Human Design for over ten years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. Her passion is to help women liberate their energy and take back their power so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.