Removing Resistance in Manifesting in 1 Step

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1 Step to Removing Resistance in Manifesting

I hope this week finds you exploring the power of acceptance.

My oldest son once had an internship working on a documentary about the Gulf Oil Spill. Around that time, he kept asking me some great questions about consciousness and “being” in the world.

One week he asked me a really good one. He said, “Mom, you talk a lot about where you put your energy and attention creates growth and results in your life. So, I was wondering, if you put your energy into fighting something, like for a good cause…say, for example, against the death penalty, are you actually helping or adding to the situation?”

What an important question!

We are at such a crucial time on this planet. We are working hard on clearing old patterns and traumas from the past. We’ve got a great start on collectively evolving our consciousness. I mean, you can buy the book,” The Secret,” at Walmart!

As Lightworkers, we’ve fulfilled a lot of what we came here to do. We set the groundwork for the real “work” of the transformation ahead.

We are in an amazing and powerful place; we’ve been removing blocks, getting clearer, and exploring how to heal the Will and our sense of value. We’ve been removing old blocks, habits, and patterns.

manifesting by removing old blocks

When we remove old blocks, habits, and patterns, we clear a space to create in an unlimited way.

I’ve actually had a lot of friends and clients tell me that they feel overwhelmed and kind of lost in the vastness of the possibility of what we can create.

Our blocks, traumas, and contrasting experiences have served us well by creating limits to make creation easier.

But, for many of us, getting rid of limits has left us with kind of a void, a vast potential-filled vista that isn’t offering much for us to push against and define our creative space. It can feel sort of like being wrapped in a big amazing blanket of expansive nothingness.

And we are very well-trained to push against something.

It takes practice to experience manifesting and creating without resistance.

Remember Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? If not, here is a reminder:

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Fantasia

It takes a while for Mickey to learn to use his magic correctly.

We’re kind of in the same place. We have tremendous creative powers, but if we aren’t properly trained to use them, acting consciously with correct alignment, we can inadvertently create something different than what we intend.

It can be very subtle, like the difference between fighting against something versus working for something, or preventing something bad versus creating something good.

But these subtle differences can manifest vastly different results even if the intention is similar.

When we fight something, we are, first of all, resisting something. Resistance is a form of creative energy.

When we resist something, we’re giving the resistance a LOT of energy, and, if where we put our energy and attention is where we get results…AND we’re focusing our energy and attention on resistance; what are we getting more of…?

You got it! RESISTANCE!


If you are fighting against something, you are energetically fighting for it. You are adding more energy against the “it” you’re fighting against because you are resisting it.

Instead of fighting against something, ask yourself what you would rather be experiencing instead. What would you like to have happen on our planet? Take your time and really see it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.

Then find evidence that what you want to see is already happening.

Express your gratitude for what you have discovered and then continue to see the evidence that what you want is already here waiting for you right now.

This week has been a nasty week in the news. We have financial challenges, violence, extreme weather, starvation and just downright mean militant behavior. It’s so easy to point fingers and be against what has happened.

I invite you to rethink your focus. Instead of blaming or resisting, take a few minutes to remind yourself that you intend to live in a world where all earth’s inhabitants are safe, well-fed, loved, nourished, supported, educated, celebrated, and cherished. We intend to live on a planet where there is ample food, water, shelter, and clothing, and health is a natural and normal state. We intend to live in a world where people honor diversity and love each other because each one of us is a vital piece of the puzzle of humanity.

Then search for evidence that this is already happening. Put your focus there. Express your gratitude and keep holding that vision.

If we are to create solutions to the challenges facing the world, we have to start first by getting our minds in order; creating the RIGHT thoughts that are in alignment with the POSSIBILITY of right action to follow.

Your thought forms and consequent words can create massive change. Imagine the power of people coming together with the intention to set things into motion by speaking and spreading empowered thought…

Our responsibility is to steadfastly focus on what we want to experience as we are manifesting and then allow Divine Mind to create the inspiration and the circumstances for possibility into action. (Divine Mind is much better at working out the details!)

It’s simple, but not always easy! The secret “sauce” to making this way of manifesting and creating without resistance a habituated part of your life is – well – practice.

This isn’t by any means the ONLY step to doing the work of evolving the world. People need to be saved, fed, housed, and healed. But, this is one of the first steps that will eventually bring us back into alignment with a better, more aligned future.

Want to learn more about removing old blocks, habits, and patterns to clear a space to create in an unlimited way? Click HERE.

From my Heart to Yours,


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