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Quantum Creativity - Mechanics of Heart Resonance chart

The words you tell yourself – and the meanings you give them matter.

A lot!

Your Human Design chart is basically a map that tells you who you are, how you process and experience the world, how you best make decisions and what you need to do to stay in harmony with your authentic self.

Human Design BodyGraphHuman Design is a cross-cultural, ancient and modern index of all the traits that make us Human.

This information gives you a systematic way to consciously explore your personal narrative and to change your story into a story of unlimited, empowered, authentic living.

Quantum Human Design™ gives you a new vocabulary that has the potential to give language to a part of yourself that you’ve learned to hide away. Human Design gives you a new way to not only think about yourself but talk about yourself.

The Aramaic word “Abracadabra”, a word often associated with stage magic, when translated means, “I will create as I speak”. Words have power. They can unify people. They transmit. Words are the bridge between the Divine and the human story. They translate the infinite into the finite.

Words are the code for your story. They are so powerful that they can literally change your DNA.

(If you’ve never received your Human Design Chart with the Quantum language on it, you can get that HERE.)

Words are Power

My hope is that understanding your Human Design gives you new words – a new vocabulary – that will help you reconstruct your personal narrative so that it reflects your authentic identity.

These new words have the power to change your relationship with money, with your friends and partners, help you find your right work in the world, create more well-being in your life, deepen your spiritual connection, heal ancestral memories and transform your DNA.

Every element in the Human Design chart represents a potential – an archetype.

A potential can be expressed on a spectrum of possibility. You can either express the “high” potential or the “low” potential of all the parts of your chart.

BodygraphFor example, in Human Design, we see that some people have a life path of learning about the theme or potential of being a hermit.

Hermit energy in its low expression, can be a fear of connecting with others causing someone to hide away, deny life and never fulfill the potential of love and community.

Hermit energy in its high expression can be experienced as the need to retreat to restore and replenish your energy, to “hermit” yourself as a way of keeping your energy sustainable.

How you choose to express the themes or the potentials of your Human Design are dependent on your conditioning. Conditioning is the way you’ve learned to behave in response to your life experiences, your family patterns and beliefs, your ancestral memories and from the way you experience the energy of the world.

Your personal narrative is deeply influenced by your conditioning.

Your conditioning gives you a personal meaning associated with each of the themes in your Human Design chart. Unraveling these meanings helps you figure out why you may be stuck in a story that isn’t serving the fulfillment of your highest potential. It also gives you profound insights into how you can consciously begin to choose a different response to life.

Let’s look at a specific example. Close your eyes for a moment and think of the word “creativity”, a theme that we can find in many places in the Human Design chart.

Creativity is a neutral concept. It is simply the ability to create something.

How you perceive the idea of creativity, your experiences of being “creative” in your life and the beliefs you are conditioned by influence how you express the potential of “creativity” in your life.

Let’s say you, like all children, were born with a deep connection to your natural creative ability. You spent your days daydreaming and thinking about all the things you’d love to do with your life. One day, while you were in school, you were looking out the window and dreaming about what it would be like to ride a horse when the teacher walked by, took her ruler and banged it loudly on your desk, startling you out of your creative daydream.

This experience left you so startled, that you made a conscious choice to not dream in school again, shutting down a core element of your creative power. (You also never gave yourself permission to ride a horse in your life…)

In your family of origin, you grew up with parents who were “practical”, who believed that all dreams were born of “hard work” and that if you want to do fun, “creative” things with your life, you have to earn them after you get your work done first. Creativity was a luxury and in your family it was a luxury you couldn’t afford. Your family’s work ethic conditioned you to put your dreams on the “back burner” with the hopes that someday you’d earn the right to manifest them into reality.

At sixteen years of age, you fell in love with literature. You’d always been a voracious reader but as you matured and you began to really understand the elegance and power of the written word, you decided that you’d like to become a professional writer.

When you shared your dream with your father, he scolded you for being impractical, informed you if you majored in literature in college that he wouldn’t pay your tuition and that you’d better pick a more profitable and practical career path if you wanted to get anywhere in your life.

You compromised, majored in education and got a job teaching school. Now, as an adult, anytime you think about pursuing your passion, creating what you really want in your life and the prospect of fulfilling your creative urges, you push those desires down. Sometimes you think about writing when you retire. In your daily life, you never give yourself the gift of fulfilling the full expression of your creativity.

When you closed your eyes and thought of the word “creativity”, your brain unleashed a photon storm – a storm of light – in response. That photon storm then caused your brain to produce neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemical substances that carry information between nerve cells. (Yes, you are so powerful that you can change light into matter!!)

The neurotransmitters you created in response to the word “creativity” caused your body to have an emotional response based on your conditioning around the idea of creativity. If you have positive, enjoyable associations with the idea of creativity, then you created positive emotions in response to the word “creativity”. If like in our example above, creativity represents something sad and or impossible for you to experience, your neurotransmitter response would create the feeling of sadness or disappointment.

Your emotional response carries a frequency of energy specific to the feelings you are experiencing.

This emotional frequency of energy calibrates your heart creating either a state of heart coherence of incoherence. Good emotional energy creates a state of heart coherence. Negative emotional energy does not.

Heart coherence happens with the heart’s rhythm is smooth, ordered and emits sine-wavelike patterns. When your heart is in a state of coherence, you experience increased composure, more energy, clear thinking, enhanced immune-system function and hormonal balance. Feeling good is good for your well-being overall.

Your emotional response to the word “creativity” does two other very important things. First of all, it programs your brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) to begin to look for evidence in your outer world that your beliefs about creativity are actually true.

Heart ResonanceThe brain can only consciously process about 3000 bits of information per minute, even though it is bombarded by billions of bits of data constantly.

To help us focus and sort out relevant information, our brains have evolved a system to filter information called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Your conditioning around the experience of creativity and your consequent emotional response, programs the RAS in your brain, causing you to look out at your world and only experience the information that is relevant to your conditioning.

Secondly, Human Design teaches us that there is a magnetic resonance field in your heart called the Magnetic Monopole. This magnetic resonance field only attracts and is the source of the Law of Attraction.

Your emotional response calibrates the Magnetic Monopole influencing what you experience and attract into your life. You attract experiences and circumstances that match your emotional frequency.

Let’s put this all together in a simple sequence.

• In response to the word or idea of “creativity” your brain produces a photon storm of light.

• That photon storm causes your brain to produce neurotransmitters.

• Those neurotransmitters create a specific emotional response.

• The specific emotional response you create is generated based on your conditioning and the story you tell about who you think you are and what’s possible in your life.

• Your emotional response creates a state of heart coherence or incoherence either enhancing or detracting from your state of well-being.

• Your emotional response programs your brain to begin to “see” the evidence that your conditioning and your personal narrative are true.

• Your emotional response calibrates the magnetic resonance field in your heart to influence what you attract into your life experience so that what you experience matches your conditioning and your personal narrative.

All of this from one word!

Imagine the power of all of the words you are using to talk about yourself and your life!

The story you tell about who you are, what you’re capable or incapable of doing or having, what you deserve and the meaning of your life is simply a string of words that create in your life on multiple levels.

This week I invite you to explore what stories you are telling about yourself. Which stories do you need to rewrite to bring yourself into greater alignment with the True Story of Who You Really Are?

From my Heart to Yours,



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