My Challenge to You for 2024

My Challenge to You for 2024

I’m going to challenge you to make 2024 the year you DON’T make any New Year’s resolutions.

Every year we start off with good intentions and goals.

We’re going to go to take better care of our bodies. Eat right. Exercise.

We make money goals. Make more. Spend less. Be more responsible.

We make relationship goals. Love better. Find a soul mate. Be more patient.

We make career goals. Start a business. Find a better job. Figure out what we really want to do.

We make lifestyle goals. Live where you love. Rest more. Play more. Paint your house. Get nicer furniture.

You know the gig….

Human Design teaches us that we can’t use willpower to try to “make” all these things happen. If we’re really honest with ourselves, we can usually only sustain our New Year’s resolutions until about February 1. (That’s why – in the pre-covid days – the gym started clearing out by the end of January….)

What if your New Year’s goal this year is to simply be fully alive?

To fully live the story you were born to live.

What does that look like?

We can look to the Gates of the G-Center to begin to piece together our own definition of what it means to BE ourselves.

When we live the life we were born to live, we love ourselves. We feel empowered. We are relentlessly authentic. We write our own narrative about our lives and what our life experiences mean to us. We are deeply connected to Source and know the constant thrum and hum of Life’s Intelligence guiding us.

We nurture and love our bodies as the precious vehicles for our Soul that they are. We allow ourselves to keep expanding on how much “good” we’re willing to allow ourselves to receive in our lives. We care and share who we are and what we have with each other.

The real gift of Human Design isn’t really in the understanding of all the nuances of the chart. The real gift is that Human Design teaches you how to wait.

Learning to wait is an essential part of remembering to live life as yourself.

When people first learn their Human Design, the most common questions they have are about their strategy is about waiting. Why do they have to wait? How long? What will they do while they wait?

All Types have to wait to a certain degree.

The Manifestor has to wait for inner timing.

The Generator Types have to wait for their Sacral response.

The Projector has to wait for the right invitation and recognition.

The Reflector has a rich and practiced relationship with waiting and experiencing the energy around them.

We wait because it’s a vital part of remembering who you are. You are the Soul expression of Life’s Intelligence living in a human story. Your every breath is sacred. Conditioning makes us forget who we are and how we are designed to engage with the world. Waiting helps us reconnect with our Soul Curriculum so we can better serve the world at our highest level.

Sometimes we think that spirituality is a separate part of our lives, something that is somewhat intangible and reserved for retreats or quiet moments spent in meditation and deep contemplation. We forget that the entirety of our lives, all the rich complex, and juicy parts of our lives as well as the boring and mundane aspects of our lives are “spiritual”.

You are a soul experiencing consciousness expressing through a human story. 

Every part of your human story is vital and spiritual. Doing laundry is no less spiritual than meditating and watching the sunrise.

The entirety of your human story is a cosmic gift and you deliberately steering your life and crafting the narrative of your life, in partnership with Source, is the purpose of your life. That partnership won’t necessarily involve dramatic spiritual events such as the visitation of an angel or a kundalini experience.

The experience of the “rightness” of your unique life story is in the sensual alignment with what feels good, correct, and aligned. When we are living true to the expression of consciousness through us, we experience a wave of joy, harmony, and sweetness, subtle as it is at times, that lets us know we’re headed in the “right” direction – toward the fulfillment of whatever it is we need to experience next in order to fulfill the narrative that is our unique story and part of our personal cosmic journey.

This is why we wait.

Waiting is essential for the de-conditioning process. Our conditioning around “doing” is so powerful that waiting seems like torture and a direct antithesis to getting things done in the world.

There is fear and tension around the idea of waiting. 

How long? What if nothing happens? What if I “miss the boat”? Where will the money come from? How will anything in my life happen?

The root of this worry is really about our self-worth and the artificial value that society confers upon us when we’re busy. Who am I if I’m not “doing”? And what is my value in the world if I’m not busy “doing” something?

The very real and tangible benefit of waiting is that it gives us time to heal our self-worth, to divorce our value from our “doing” and to remember that we are inherently valuable simply by virtue of our existence. We wait so we can remember who we are and to find the path back to our irreplaceable and vital role in the Cosmic Plan that only we can play.

The second root of this worry is really about learning to trust Source. 

It’s hard to wait – even terrifying to wait – if you don’t trust that you are fully supported by the Universe.

But waiting bears tremendous fruit if we sink into it and allow it.

Waiting is a gift. It helps us prepare. It allows us to evaluate our narrative and decondition it, to look at our old “stories” and assess whether we want to continue to use these old words to define us or whether it’s time for an upgrade, a new story that creates a stronger, more aligned template for what we want to bring into the world as the full expression of our potential.

Waiting also affords us time to heal our bodies. When we push too hard, too fast, too much in the wrong direction, using our vital energy to hold up masks and maintain facades that demonstrate to the world who we think we “should” be in order to be loved, feel valued or successful, we burn ourselves out.

We use our life force energy to try to be someone we’re not, saying “yes’ when we want to say “no”, denying our connection to Life’s Intelligence trying to express itself through us. We burn out and we can’t connect to the energy necessary to implement our creative ideas.

When you have a lifetime of being told it’s not okay to be who you are or how you are, even if the advice you’ve received about “fitting in” and “being successful” was well-intended, your body and spirit experiences it as trauma.

I define trauma as any event, experience, or perception that has caused you to lose connection to your value and your right place in the world. (If you want to learn more about this, watch my TEDx talk)

The trauma of a lifetime of being told you can be who you are and that who you are and how you are is somehow “wrong” keeps the body in a constant state of adrenalized preparation for a fight for survival.

We react to life as a result of our adrenaline and cortisol “high”. We lose our ability to create consciously, deliberately, and in alignment with our true potential, failing to activate the beauty of the human story you were born into.

Lastly, the process of waiting, that coming into alignment with the Cosmic Pause that Human Design invites us to embrace, makes us more receptive to Life’s Intelligence reconnecting us to our inherent creative essence and positioning us to activate the elegant solutions to the challenges facing the world today.

Waiting invites us to reclaim our natural inventiveness. 

Actively scheduling time to think, reflect, and experiment into your days, putting reasonable boundaries on your use of passive tech, varying your routine and your company, and getting out for more long walks, resting, regenerating, and playing – all serve to help you connect more deeply with your innate creativity.

And the more creative we are, the easier it will be for us to find the elegant solutions to the challenges facing humanity today.

The next time you wrestle with waiting, think of it as a gift from the Universe, an invitation to allow for more, to awaken more deeply, nurture yourself, and deepen your relationship with your Muse. Waiting prepares us to take our irreplaceable and vital place in the Cosmic Plan so that we are ready to do our unique part of ushering in an era of sustainable, equitable, and abundant peace.

May this be the year you learn to BE who you truly are – the year you really, really, really, really “get” that you are a precious, once-in-a-lifetime Cosmic Event and that you – YOU BEING YOU – is the greatest gift you can give the world.

It’s been an honor to serve you this year. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

From my Heart to Yours,


If you want to see how you need to wait, get your FREE Human Design Chart Here

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