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Today we’re talking about the Orchestrators (in Quantum Human Design™ otherwise known as the Projectors in Traditional Human Design.)

Sidebar: Quantum Human Design™ is a new and transformed Human Design language deliberately engineered and upgraded by Karen Curry Parker.
This new vocabulary is a positive, powerful and empowering, higher vibrational frequency language, making it more expansive, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding to help you fully activate your potential.⁠ If you don’t have your Chart with the Quantum language on it, you can get it HERE.

Orchestrators comprise about 20% of the population. Their role in life is to manage, guide and direct the rest of the Types. (What a HARD job!!!)

Orchestrators are very different from all of the other Types.

First of all, they don’t have sustainable energy. That means that they are not here to work in the traditional way that we define work and that they often run out of energy and need more rest and alone time than other Types.

This can be confusing because, for short bursts of time, they can actually take in the energy of other Types, amplify it and use it, making it seem that they are super-human until they collapse. And then we get frustrated with them because they suddenly can’t do what they were able to do last week….

Secondly, Orchestrators need to be recognized and invited in order to be effective with their management of the rest of us. That means, no matter how incredibly wise and insightful they may be (and they are!), they have to wait for us to ask for their insights and guidance first.

If they don’t wait to be recognized and invited, we can often perceive them to be bossy, controlling know-it-alls and we ignore them and devalue them.

And then they become bitter.

Because Orchestrators can’t work a regular, Monday–Friday job without eventually crashing and burning, money can often be an issue in a relationship with them. Also, because an Orchestrator needs to be invited into the right job with the right people who truly value them, they can’t just “go out and get a job”.

This is hard for Alchemists or Time Benders to understand.

If you love an Orchestrator, it’s important that you understand how absolutely precious your Beloved is. You are loving a person who looks at the world and intuitively sees exactly what needs to happen to make the world a better place. And if they are like most of their type, they’ve been sharing their wisdom all of their life and no one has listened.

The greatest gift you can give the Orchestrator is the recognition of their brilliance. Ask them for their insights and opinions. Make space in the conversation for their guidance and wisdom.

Orchestrators don’t have a lot of inner awareness of themselves.

They are here to be wise about others and to really see what is going on with themselves, they need to talk to another person and actually “project” their own life into the conversation.

That means that if they need to make a big decision in their life, they need to talk it through with you. Leave space in your relationship to really listen to them.

Remember, too, that if you are not an Orchestrator, you may be very different energetically and it’s not fair to expect your Orchestrator to do things like you. Trust me, they are probably already struggling with feeling bitter (sometimes) that, no matter what they do, sheer effort bears no reward for them. They have to follow the flow of life and be present to what life brings and where life places them.

When your Orchestrator forgets to wait to be asked for their insights, look at them with love and realize that they are simply trying to help you prevent disaster and chaos. It might be frustrating to have to stop dead in your tracks and pay attention to what “the Orchestrator” is saying, but, if you are lucky enough to love an Orchestrator, you are being given a tremendous gift which may save you hours of pain and struggle…

Your Orchestrator is your greatest resource. Remember that!

Now that you understand a little about Orchestrators, the best thing YOU can do is:
● Recognize that their intention is to be helpful
● Recognize that they are inherently wise and usually have valuable input
● Recognize that they are simply not using their energy correctly
● Don’t take it personally
● If you’re so inclined, give them attention and energy
● Invite them to share their ideas with you
● Ask for their opinion or guidance the next time you see them—before they offer it.

Orchestrators have a life purpose of managing and guiding others in their process of creation.

Orchestrators are inherently intuitive and wise about others.

An Orchestrator can watch any of the three energy Types (Initiator, Alchemist and Time Bender) and instantly be conscious of what needs to happen to make their impact and work more effective and easier.

This is a natural and intricate part of the Orchestrator personality. If you watch young children Orchestrators, they manage their parents and their peers with great awareness and clarity. This can often earn them the reputation of being “bossy”, controlling or a “know it all”.

The reason why this inherent wisdom is constantly misunderstood is because collectively we don’t know how to make the most of the energy of the Orchestrators. If you don’t honor the wisdom of the guidance of your Orchestrator, everyone in the relationship loses out!

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