Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy for Success

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Success Comes More Easily When Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy

Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy means waiting for the invitation. That is the Human Design Orchestrators’ strategy for success.

I remember the first time I really thought about those words. I felt confused and disappointed. I worried that waiting for the invitation wasn’t going to work in the real world.

Who would invite me? How long would I have to wait? What should I do while waiting?

Real Talk for Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy

It takes time to figure out the Orchestrator strategy. There are no shortcuts, and each Orchestrators’ journey is different. No one can prepare you for every situation. There is only practice and learning from your experiences.

You have to try living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy for yourself. 

You will have exciting and successful moments and you will have disappointments. There will be some hard lessons.

Every joyful Orchestrator has been through it and survived. You will too.

So how did I come to understand my Orchestrator strategy?

Practice, falling on my face, and never giving up.

I’ve learned that waiting for invitations while stressing about invitations is one of the best ways to block invitations. 

The next best way to block invitations and continue not living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy is fatigue and burnout. You won’t get invitations if you’re in no shape to receive them. Facts.

Now I have a fine-tuned system that helps me identify the best invitations for me. 

You can have this too.

In this article, I will give you the formula. It will keep you busy while you wait.

Step #1: Learn What Recognition Feels like

Recognition. Wait for the Invitation. 

That is how Ra Uru Hu, the messenger of the Human Design System, described the Orchestrator’s strategy for success. It is two separate and distinct things. Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy means understanding both.

Did you know that it was two?

If your Orchestrator strategy is a play in two acts, Act 1 is Recognition. Act 2 is Invitation. 

What is recognition and how does it feel?

Recognition is an acknowledgment of who you are. It is a deep appreciation for something you do or have done well. You have affected others in a meaningful way, and they want you to know it.

Award season is all about recognition. The spotlight is on, and you are acknowledged for a talent, accomplishment, or contribution. You are bathing in the limelight of recognition from people who understand and appreciate you. They get you. You’re doused in success when you’re living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.

Have you ever won an award or received a compliment? 

How did it feel? Were you embarrassed? Did you blush? Did you withdraw a little? Did you suddenly feel naked?

That is what recognition feels like. It is a whole-body experience.

The best recognition is the one you don’t see coming.

Britney is an Orchestrator. She describes recognition as the tingling you felt when your middle-school crush finally makes eye contact and speaks to you. You felt giddy and weak in the knees. You wanted to run and hide from the embarrassment. 

Marie, also an Orchestrator, says, “Recognition makes me giggly. I might even blush. I feel warm in my heart.”

That is the essence of genuine recognition. The truth about you has been outed. 

You have been seen.

Everyone has experienced this kind of recognition at some point in their life. Everyone knows what it’s like to not be living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy effectively.

Smart Orchestrators harness the feeling and use it to identify fantastic invitations.

Brilliant Orchestrators do not ask for recognition. They do not force people to notice them. 

If you try to get noticed, you will not receive the right invitations. 

Recognition finds you when you are out in the open, silently going about your life. 

It takes you by surprise. It registers in your body and, boy does it feel good.

If you are an Orchestrator, I recommend that you get familiar with how recognition feels in your body.

Step #2: Learn the Language of Invitations

Would you believe me if I said identifying great invitations is like learning to speak a new language?

At first, there are miscommunications and faux pas, but if you stick with it, you will eventually speak it fluently.

So it is with the language of invitations. At first, you will be unsure if you are receiving an invitation. You will walk away from conversations slightly confused. 

You will bend yourself into pretzels trying to turn throw-away comments and observations into invitations.

All Orchestrators do this in the beginning. It’s a necessary experience. 

You are becoming familiar with the art of listening for invitations.

However, before you consider any invitation, make sure you have received genuine recognition. The tingly, giddy kind.

Recognition is the gateway to invitations. 

Genuine recognition followed by an invitation comes from someone who is serious about investing in you. They see value in having a relationship with you.

In the beginning, I practiced listening for the words “I invite you.”. If I didn’t hear those words or words to that effect, I would ask for clarification. This practice still helps me to be sure I’m living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.

You can do that too. It’s as simple as asking, “Are you inviting me to do ABC?”

With time you won’t have to be so thoughtful. 

You will recognize correct invitations by the way they make you feel. 

Personally, I still like to clarify the details of the invitation, it’s part of fully living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy. I think of invitations as a contract or agreement. In agreements, there is clarity about who is doing what and what things of value are being exchanged.

To summarize, the language of invitations begins with recognition, followed by words to the effect of I invite you, ending with clarification as needed. 

Step #3: Verify an Energy Exchange

With time, you won’t have to wonder if an invitation is correct. You will recognize it by the energy it transfers to you.

What is an energy transfer? 

When Orchestrators receive invitations that are correct for them, they light up. They become energized and excited. 

It happens because: 

  1. Someone has voluntarily recognized and invited them.
  2. They give the Orchestrator access to their energy supply.

What does this mean?

Orchestrators do not have consistent sustainable energy of their own. They need to plug into outside sources to receive bumps of sustainable energy. This energy sustains them through their projects. It helps them complete the tasks of the invitations they accept.

In exchange for an Orchestrator’s guidance, Initiators and Alchemists offer them free use of their energy resources. 

Initiators who invite Orchestrators provide access to their defined motor centers and influential initiating ability.

Alchemists who invite Orchestrators offer the use of their powerful Sacral Center. 

In fact, Ra Uru Hu introduced us to the symbiotic relationship between Alchemists and Orchestrators. One cannot do without the other. To carry out their Human Design purpose, they need what the other has. Living the Orchestrator – Projector Strategy fully makes this much more likely to happen.

Every Alchemist needs an Orchestrator and vice versa.

Orchestrators know they have been granted access to these energy resources because, while listening to the invitation, they suddenly feel excited, alive, emboldened, alert, and energized. They are on fire and ready to go. They are really Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.

Have you experienced this yet? Or, have you experienced heaviness and lethargy? Can you relate to not living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy?

Orchestrators who feel exhausted while listening to an invitation have not been granted access to the energy sources of the Manifestor or Alchemist. Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy is critical!

If you accept an invitation that is fatiguing when you consider it, you will not receive the energy you need to be successful. You will have to pull from your own limited energy supply. This is a common example of not living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.

Before you know it, you will be running on fumes. You will be at risk for burnout, and you will be resentful and bitter for the duration. 

Bitterness and energy depletion are signs that an Orchestrator has accepted an incorrect invitation or did not wait for an invitation in the first place. 

Orchestrators who start things without an invitation lay a foundation for bitterness, resentment, and burnout. Who wants that? 

It’s far better to wait for invitations that energize you. It’s far better to practice living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.


If you are an Orchestrator and new to Human Design, you may be feeling overwhelmed by this information. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s normal to feel that way at this early stage. Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy makes it all worthwhile.

Free Tip: Keep It Simple, Sam

When you feel uncertain about an invitation or bitter about a situation or relationship, step back and answer these questions:

  1. Do I feel recognized?
  2. Did I hear a formal invitation or words to that effect?
  3. Do I feel energized?
  4. Do I know what I am agreeing to? (Optional, but not really)

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you are in the zone of a great invitation. If you answer no to most of these questions, then you should reconsider or say no. Taking time helps you stay in the zone of fully iving the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy.

With time, I’ve noticed I no longer think in terms of steps. Now, I rely on my strategy-trained intuition. I trust its instant messages.

Intuition protects me from accepting invitations that will drain me. I am much better at choosing invitations that are energizing and fun. I am now really living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy in my life.


Even if you are skeptical of the 3-step process, please try it anyway. Trust that it will positively shift the energy around you.

At first, your efforts will be shaky, but you have conquered hard things before, right? Your successes remind you it’s worth the effort.

I’ve spoken about my own burnout story often because it is proof that living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy is a game-changer. You can do it too. 

You just have to trust the process, commit, and execute to start living the Orcehstraror-Projector Strategy!

image of author Brigitte Knight who wrote Living the Orchestrator-Projector Strategy

Brigitte Knight is a Mental Health Counselor, Human Design Mentor, and Relationship coach. She has been living her Orchestrator design since 2006. She is a Level 4 HD Specialist and Level 1 QAS Specialist. 

Brigitte teaches people how to use Human Design to improve communication and relationships at home, at work, and with themselves. Drawing from her own experience, she supports ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses through their loss, loneliness, grief, and sadness. Her combined work experience as a Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist, and Human Design Specialist can help you live your best life.

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