Labeling in Human Design is Too Limiting!

Human Design is Not a Labelling System

I hope this letter finds you exploring the outer edges and boundaries of your Divine Path, Leadership, and the idea of Labeling in Human Design.

The Talmud is a body of knowledge that regulates Jewish religious laws. It is said that when a student first studies the Talmud they are first given the task of learning to walk without leaving a bent reed. Jewish law says that if you walk on someone else’s land, you must leave it as you find it, without so much as bending a reed or a blade of grass.

I just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland where a group of 14 of us walked through many cow pastures and bogs. We got lost a lot trying to walk ancient pilgrimage routes from historic churches to sacred wells. (We even got rescued by an 80-year-old priest on one jaunt, who was worried we’d get stranded in a field with a wild bull at night…)

Along the way, we got chased by many cows, got lost from each other and got rained on a lot.

Every step of the journey was powerful and we were given signs along the way – including an Irish double rainbow.

We left a LOT of bent reeds.

This was good, because if we hadn’t, I might not have found my people on the many occasions that my daughter and I got separated from the group because we had to pet some horses or cows.

Leadership in the modern world is hard. We’ve been trained that leadership involves coercing, convincing, sometimes seizing and taking. We have been conditioned to think that leading means showing people THE WAY.

But leadership in an evolving world that embraces the idea that each one of us is a unique, vital and irreplaceable part of the Cosmic Plan, doesn’t involve showing people THE WAY.

The “bent reed” rule applies to leadership in the modern world in a very impactful and powerful way. As a leader, I can’t show you THE WAY. But I can embody MY WAY and teach you how to find YOUR WAY.

You, as a cosmic leader yourself, can do the same thing. Fully embody and live the truest, highest potential of who you are and you will naturally show others how to do the same, in their own way.

This, to me, is the beauty in understanding your Human Design. Your Human Design is a tool to help you navigate your own beautifully unique and important path. It’s a tool that helps you interface with the world in the way that’s right for you.

There is a dark side to Human Design that I want to lovingly and gently point out to you. As Human Design grows in popularity, I see many teachers who share information but use it as a sort of labeling in Human Design kind of system.

They will tell you that you can’t do certain things if you’re a certain Type. They’ll teach you that you can’t market a certain way if you’re a certain Type. They’ll use Human Design as a “dating tool” or a tool that you use to evaluate people for different jobs or even for relationships.

Human Design is NOT a labeling system. It’s not a tool to use to fill job positions or to find someone to date. (You can date “by design” and that does not guarantee the person is healthy and had done their own inner work!)

You’re not a “THIS” or a “THAT”. There is nothing you can’t do because of your Type. (Believe me! I just spent 10 days running – and I mean RUNNING – after a no-motors Orchestrator/Projector who literally NEVER ran out of energy when the rest of us were begging to go back to the hotel and sleep!).

Labeling in Human Design is far too limiting!

(By the way, this same no-motors Orchestrator/Projector is one of the world’s top online marketing experts, has written multiple best-selling books about marketing and doesn’t market “by design” and he’s wildly successful – I’ll share more about that in a different post.)

We try to label things in response to our fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is not a problem that Human Design can fix. The only way to combat a fear of the unknown is to cultivate a deep relationship with Source in the way that works for you.

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Do not leave even a bent reed means that you walk your own path. You do not encourage others to follow your path, but to instead follow your alignment. Show them HOW to walk their own path as you skip along the path that is yours to follow – by design.

May you deepen your commitment to your own path this week. May you find your way and dance merrily on the path that is beautifully yours to follow.

From my Heart to Yours,


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