I Started CPR and Decided to Run with the Baby to the NICU

Sacral Response

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

I remember the very first time I truly experienced my Sacral response.

In the beginning of my career in my early 20’s I was working in public health as a labor and delivery nurse in a major hospital in Houston, Texas. This was during a massive nursing shortage in the early 80’s – before Human Design was even “discovered”.

The birthing center was supposed to be for low-risk clients only, but we often absorbed the overflow from regular Labor and Delivery when things got busy. In Labor and Deliver, ideally, you should have one client assigned to one nurse, especially if things were more complex, such as when a client needed Pitocin or other medical interventions.

I clocked in for the evening shift

I arrived in the birthing center to discover that my clerk had called in sick with no replacement. That meant that, not only was I responsible for my clients, but I also had to do all the paperwork when their babies were born, admit them and find them a bed in a regular unit once they gave birth and even order food trays when they were hungry.

I took report for one client, who was on Pitocin, as the day shift nurses left me alone running the entire birth center. It wasn’t long before I admitted a second client on Pitocin – a dangerous situation, because both of my clients now needed close supervision and I had to run between two rooms and hope they didn’t give birth at the same time.

More Patients and No Support

Within the next two hours, I was given two more patients, one a teen mom who was alone and terrified and the other who was “high” and had just taken some sort of “speed” that was giving her a very fast labor. I now had four very high-need, high-risk patients and no time to even try to phone for help in a wildly understaffed facility.


My “high” client called me into her room and said she felt something between her legs. I pulled back the sheets to discover that she’d already given birth, was bleeding heavily and her baby was struggling to breathe. I cut the cord, scooped up the baby and ran to call the NICU to have their team come help the baby only to find that the phone to the NICU wasn’t working.

The baby was in such bad shape that I started CPR and decided to run with the baby to the NICU – which was halfway across the second floor and about as far away from the birth center as it could be.

No Help

Now, please note, that at this time, there were several interns standing in the hallway talking and making inappropriate jokes. I asked them to take the baby for me since I still had a bleeding client and three other clients, but they said they couldn’t leave the unit. I then told them to watch the other patients so I could run with the baby and they said they would.

Once I dropped the baby off in the NICU and returned, I found that the interns had gone back to their lounge leaving my three clients unsupervised. My bleeding “high” client was no longer in her bed and I couldn’t find her anywhere, so I alerted the ER and security.

My teenage client was still crying, in pain and terrified. My other two clients were getting close to being ready to push and I hadn’t peed, eaten or gotten any help from my supervisor or the interns.

One of my Pitocin clients gave birth shortly after that and then it was shift change and two other nurses and a clerk showed up to relieve me. I sat down and tried to catch up with my charting when one of the interns asked me if I was “busy” and could I please come empty the trash can in the doctor’s lounge.

To this day I think one of my greatest accomplishments is the amount of self-control I expressed when I didn’t punch the intern in the face. I told him to do it himself. I finished my charting, walked out of the birthing center and just knew, deep in my gut, that I would never be returning.

I tried. I really did.

The next day when I woke up and knew I should be getting ready to go to work, I pushed and struggled internally to try to force myself to be “responsible” and go to work, but literally, nothing inside of me would allow me to get myself and my body to work. It was a big UN-UH. All of the energy for working at that job was gone.

I felt guilty and sad, but somehow liberated.

Shortly after that I started studying with a lay midwife and began my own home birth practice.

I feel very fortunate in that I have never been able to NOT follow my Sacral, especially when it says “no”. I must have skipped that vital step in the conditioning process where you learn to tune out your inner wisdom and keep following the collective narrative.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been called irresponsible, rebellious, and selfish, but, after a lifetime of following my Sacral, I trust that inner visceral response to lead me exactly where I need to go next, even if it defies the expectations of others – or my own reasoning!

My Sacral Response has always led me to places and opportunities where I can learn more, care more, give more, serve more, do more with more vitality, joy, and life force. I am grateful to whatever forces that be, that the force of my inner voice, was never one that was allowed to be silenced.

It is part of my passion and purpose to help you remember the wild call of your inner wisdom, to help you cultivate trust and confidence in your own inner authority so that you continue to take the bold and vital steps necessary to align yourself with your right place and right space in the world.

From my Heart to Yours,


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