Be Aware of Dream Suckers, and Happy Human Design New Year!

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Be Aware of Dream Suckers, and Happy HD New Year! By Karen Curry Parker

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

You know I don’t like using a lot of negative words or titles, but this one just came to me and I had to use it!

But, even though this title has a playful, but militant tone, be mindful of really integrating the main point of today’s post – especially today because it’s the Human Design New Year today.

Gate 41 - Gate of Imagination

The Human Design New Year starts when the Sun moves into the Gate 41, The Gate of Imagination.

Be sure to start your year WELL by dreaming and imagining what you want for your life this upcoming cycle.

Get your FREE Human Design Chart and see how the Transits are working with you.

If you want to make the most of this year, I have TWO resources for you:

1. The Quantum Human Design 2024 Evolution Guide

This weekly guide is designed to give you a way to harness the Celestial energy supporting you in creating what you want in your life in 2024. Using weekly affirmations, writing assignments, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) setup phrases, gain knowledge on:

Quantum Evolution Guide

  • How the weekly Celestial weather influences your life
  • How to explore the theme of each of the 64 Human Design Gates as they activate each week
  • How to work deliberately with the core human archetypes held in the energy code of each Gate
  • Understanding the message and lesson of the moon phases and eclipse events throughout the year
  • Using creative processes to integrate the new awareness gained from each week’s processes
  • Including new information on retrograde cycles


Quantum Human Design 2024 Energy Report Podcast image

2. My Annual Overview of the Major Transits of 2024.

Take a listen and take some serious notes.

You’re going to learn exactly what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming new year.


There is a great mystery to being human and having a human experience.

We are born encoded on a cellular level to be abundantly healthy, wealthy, happy, fulfilled, etc. There are 10 trillion cells in your body functioning perfectly right now.

(I know with you, my dear readers, that this information is well established so I won’t waste your time proving my point today.)

As representatives of a Divine Creator and individuated aspects of the Divine, we have an unlimited capacity to create any kind of life we choose.

With so much possibility available to us, why do we choose to limit our creative expression?

Or, more simply put, why do we choose to make everything so hard?

Isn’t it weird?

One of my dear friends says, creating is simple, it’s just not easy.

And to a certain degree, I agree.

When we come to the planet, we are bathed in a collective energy field, a conglomerate of beliefs that flow from thousands of years of human experience on the planet.

Somehow, in the sum total thoughts of all of humanity, we decided that life is a hard struggle and continue, to this day, to create a collective reality that seems to support this belief system.

We have collectively forgotten the magnificence of who we really are and many of us spend a lifetime trying to remember.

The good news is that this scenario is changing!! Whooo Hooo!

As we continue to herald a new era on the planet, our memories are getting better and easier to reclaim. Our children are born remembering and reminding us old “fogies” that we are unlimited in our capacity to create. We are on the leading edge or reclaiming our creative potential.

It’s getting easier and easier every day!

But, simple logistics dictate that not everyone can stand on the edge. Some people in your life will be “behind” the edge and sometimes it might seem that there are very few people in front of you or at your side.

The edge is, after all, the edge.

When you are striking out on your exciting new journey of creation on the leading edge, your dreams and the whisperings of the promise of something new deserve to be nurtured and attended to.

In the beginning, remembering your dreams and the full capacity of unlimited possibility is like tending to a new spring garden. As the tender shoots and buds begin to show themselves, you have to protect them and water them.

Our belief systems are rooted in our physiology.

When we have repeated thoughts and beliefs, our bodies create beautiful nerve “highways” called neural pathways that make repeating these thoughts effortless and, to a certain degree, (ironically) “thoughtless”. You can have your thoughts without a whole lot of conscious effort on your part.

When you have a new dream or a new belief system, it takes time and repetition to build new neural pathways in your body.

In other words, it takes time and repetition for new thoughts and dreams to “take root” in your mind and body.

As your new garden grows, you have to pluck the weeds that threaten your new sprouts to make room for continued light and nourishment. As we grow our dreams, we have to also pluck out the “weeds” in our consciousness.

Just like weeds tend to grow robustly and quickly, old negative thought patterns rapidly infiltrate your thinking and push your dreams out of the light. (This is the “hard” part, by the way.)

The trick to successfully growing your dreams is to catch your old thought patterns and immediately return your focus to your dreams.

You don’t have to go on a long detective hunt to figure out why you are having an old thought pattern. Simply turn your attention away from it and shift your perspective.

Sometimes it helps to answer this very important question:

What is it that I want to be experiencing in this situation instead?

Or even more simply:

What do I want?

The other danger in the garden is predators.

Rabbits, raccoons, birds, and bugs love to eat the delicious new shoots. When I was a kid, my Dad would hang foil in the garden to scare away the birds.

In order to protect your garden, you have to make it “predator-proof”.

Just like in the garden, there are those who, often inadvertently, try to pluck your dreams out of your mind. Sometimes these are very well intending loved ones who are “practical” and want you to be “realistic” so that you don’t get hurt or disappointed.

Remember, not everyone is standing on the leading edge.

It’s easy to be swayed by the influence of the collective. Ancient belief patterns have their old and strong roots.

I’m not saying you have to stay away from your loved ones, but be sure to surround yourself with those people who support your creative process. You need a couple of people in your life to remind you that dreaming isn’t crazy.

In fact, dreaming is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Never listen to anyone who tells you “you can’t”.

You can; if you dream you can and you believe you can….

I recently read an article about an old Jewish family that had to sell off their collection of Jewish artifacts because they had lost a lot of money investing with Bernard Madoff. Many of these artifacts were rare and had great sentimental value to the family.

When they interviewed the matriarch of the family, a widower who had escaped the Holocaust and come to America, she recounted the story of how she and her family arrived in America with nothing to their name.

This beautiful old woman summed up the story of dreams so beautifully. “Things may come and go out of your life,” she said, “But whatever is in your head and your heart belongs to you and no one can take that away from you.”

And I would like to gently add, hold on to what is in your heart and your mind.

Focus on it.

Get excited about it.

Nurture it.

Protect it from well-intending Dream suckers and all your dreams will come true.

By Universal Law, it can’t happen any other way.

Dream on!

From my Heart to Yours,


How Does Human Design Help You?

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Human Design is a deeply empowering system that encourages us to embrace our true selves, rewrite our personal narrative, and live in alignment with our inner wisdom. When we align with our authentic nature, we tap into a wellspring of creativity, joy, and fulfillment that flows effortlessly through us.

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