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Your Quantum Human Design strategy is kind of like having training wheels to help you make good choices and decisions.

Following your Strategy by Type removes the over-analyzing and the pressurized “figuring out” from the process of moving forward. It also protects us from making emotional and impulsive choices.

Making choices is important. The life you’re living right now is the sum total of every choice that you’ve ever made. You navigate the world and move towards your future, choice, by choice, by choice.

Those choices are responsible for your current situation with money, your relationships, your health and wellness, your career and creative fulfillment, even the kind of spiritual practice you have.

We don’t often think about it, but our collective experience of reality is rooted in small personal decisions, a conglomerate of all the daily, mundane choices that build up to being elements of the bigger choices that run the world.

Let’s think about this in the terms of democracy in the United States.

• If you’re American, did you vote in the last election?

• Why did you or didn’t you vote?

• Who did you vote for?

• What candidates did you choose?

The voting booths (or the early voting ballots) were filled with individual people making decisions, just like you. Maybe they didn’t make the same choice for a candidate as you, but they made a decision which led to an action. The result of the election was determined by the sum total of choices made by everyone participating – including those people who chose not to vote.

What influenced your choice to vote or not vote? (Obviously, this discussion has the potential to get political. Let’s try to keep this conversation about making decisions and not about the outer artifacts of a changing reality that is resulting in a truly strange political landscape…)

The decision to vote or not vote might have been influenced by how powerful and influential you felt. Or by how powerless and insignificant you may feel that your voice is…

Maybe you voted or didn’t vote because you felt like the candidates weren’t really representing a view point that felt authentic and aligned to you. Or that you didn’t have clarity over which candidate was the best choice and you didn’t want to vote for emotional reasons…

Maybe you didn’t vote because the candidate running for election is your neighbor and you have strong feelings about her use of leaf blowers during the autumn because you read a research study about how leaf blowers destroy the habitat of butterflies and bees over winter in the leaf litter. You were concerned that if they can’t make good environmental choices about their yard, how are they going to make good choices about the world?

The truth is, underneath your decision to vote or not vote was a story, a narrative of some kind that influenced your decision around how you participated in the collective event of voting.

Why is this important?

Because if you want to change your life and bring it into greater harmony with your natural state of well-being and ultimately also make this world an even better place, then you have to make a set of decisions that are going to bring you into alignment with this state.

For most of us, we can’t just simply make up our mind and make a different set of decisions. If this was true, we’d all completely fulfill all of our New Year’s Resolutions in record time.

To make a different set of decisions often means that you have to change the stories you tell about who you are.

• People who feel lovable make a different set of decisions.

• People who feel powerful make a different set of decisions.

• People who are emotionally wise make a different set of decisions.

• People who trust themselves make a different set of decisions.

• People who feel vital and alive make a different set of decisions.

• People who feel safe being authentic make a different set of decisions.

• People who are decisive make a different set of decisions.

• People who know how to manage fear make a different set of decisions.

• People who value themselves make a different set of decisions.

Leaning on your Human Design strategy to help you make decisions, helps you bypass all the places in your personal narrative that might be holding you back from choosing things that support your growth, evolution, and the expansion of well-being in your life.

Your Strategy and Authority align you with the whisperings of Life’s Intelligence that longs to move you toward growth, unity, and coherence in all areas of your life.

As I said, your Strategy is kind of like training wheels. It holds you up and moves you forward while you do the work necessary to change the underlying stories you tell about who you are so that, eventually, you have a deep inner connection to Life’s Intelligence you innately recognize (or remember) how to access this deep wisdom that is your connection to your Right Place in the world.

That Right Place – the place that is YOURS alone to occupy – is designed to be supported. The more you move towards that place, the more magic and serendipity you unleash in your life.

(If you don’t believe me, listen to my Quantum Revolution Podcast with Erwin Laszlo – the inherent bias of the cosmos. LISTEN HERE.)

Here’s a gentle reminder for you to help you remember how your Type affects your decision-making Strategy and is part of your true purpose in the world.

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​Learn more about the 5 Quantum Human Design™ Types.

Here’s to making clear, aligned choices that allow us to serve the unfolding of an abundant life and a truly expansive and coherent world.

A world rooted in well-being for all living beings.

From my Heart to Yours,



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