Vickie Dickson

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Quantum Human Design Type Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)
Certification Certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)

Other Services

    Nutrition counselling, Reiki, Meno-PAUSE Uncover what's keeping you stuck in unhealthy habits so that you can live your best life at menopause and beyond!
    Relationship Readings
    Health by Design coaching


Holistic Nutrition, Yoga 200hr, and Senior Specialist, Reiki


Human design has rocked my world! It's like having your very own life manual in your pocket to guide you through life's ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs.

Personal story

I am a Human Design and Holistic Health Guide for women in midlife who are ready to turn their magic all the way up! I deliver concrete insights that will move you forward in life and in business, without the fluff.

My goals as your guide

My goal, as your Guide, is to empower you to step fully into the most you that you can be.
You've spent a lifetime caring for everyone else. It's your turn.
Permission Granted đź’«

Personal note

Zoom is the perfect place for our Human Design Reading! I can't wait to help you discover the magic in your chart. Let's do this!

Contact information

  • Smith Falls, ON, Canada
  • Vickie Dickson - Health on Purpose
  • Eastern Time
  • English