Vesna Krajnović

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Quantum Human Design Type Alchemist (Generator)
Certification Certified Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading

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    HD Level 2 reading.
    Deconditioning through connecting with nature and finding oneself there.


I have come across Human Design two years ago at the moment when I started my journey back to nature in order to find the real nature of myself.

Personal story

Even though I have defined G centre I had been questioning my lovability. I had not been sure was I loved and why was I loved by others. It had been following me until I found where the love is. It has never been outside of me. It was not something I was supposed to get from others by treating me the way I thought people who love me should treat me. Love has always been inside of me. Human Design has helped me figure out that love is the ray of the universal energy that is manifested through my body. After becoming aware of that I get aware of my conditioning when the conditioning takes me away from me when the conditioning takes my ray away from its source.

My goals as your guide

My goal is to help people become aware of their ray of universal energy that has been manifested through their bodies and use that energy in everyday life, to feel safe in situations they are in, to feel loved just by being, to learn how to stay tuned in order not to get lost in this material world.

Personal note

I conduct all of my readings over the video chat and send written reading by e-mail. I would love to connect with you and share my knowledge and experience with you!

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