Human Design Specialist - Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

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Quantum Human Design Type Orchestrator (Projector)
Certification Certified Level 1 Quantum Alignment System Practitioner
Certified Level 1 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)

Other Services

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment


I have been studying the Human Design system since 2019 but became a specialist in November of 2022.

This system has completely changed my life and I'm dedicated to helping others use it to do the same.

Personal story

Before I learned about Human Design, I was living on auto-pilot. I had no sense of self and was floating through life doing what was expected of me.

Human Design opened my eyes to my individuality and provided evidence for ALL the resistance I had been feeling towards my life.

After years of experimenting, I am peeling back the layers of myself more & more and have never felt so self-assured, joyful and confident.

My goals as your guide

My goal as your guide is to help you unlock your individuality. To help you see that you can approach any area of your life (finances, career, relationships, etc) in a way that honors your authenticity.

If you walk away from a session feeling empowered & a little more confident in yourself then I've done my job as a guide!

Personal note

If you'd like to chat further about a Chart Reading or a QAS session please email me or send a DM via Instagram. Can't wait to chat!

Contact information

  • Pensacola, Florida.
  • Central Standard Time
  • English