Marie Gasper-Hulvat

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Quantum Human Design Type Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)
Certification Certified Level 1 Quantum Alignment System Practitioner
Certified Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)

Other Services

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment


Usui Reiki certified, BA (Honors Summa Cum Laude) in Theology and French majors Mathematics and Peace Studies minors Xavier University, MA and PhD in History of Art Bryn Mawr College


My coaching is informed by my experiences as a sur-thriv-or through chronic illnesses and traumas. I am a spiritual seeker who cultivates immediate connection to Source. I am a teacher-scholar who has a decade of experience as a professor of Art History. And I am a mother who has struggled and embraced the joy in the work of parenting. Human Design and the Quantum Alignment System have helped me to integrate all this into a cohesive picture to better understand myself and help others.

Personal story

In teaching my first course as a professor at a local community college during grad school, I began learning how to be a coach. My students value me as a guide for how to learn even more than as a sage who tells them what they should learn.

My clients value me for my depth of experience and my powers of discernment. My goal is to help everyone I work with discover within themselves their personal power and inherent worth as innately lovable, miraculous sur-thriv-ors.

My goals as your guide

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the possible directions you could take? Do you struggle to make the right choice to fulfill your dreams, heal yourself, build your career, find your life’s purpose?

I believe that you, and ONLY YOU, know what the right next choice for you is. And my coaching method will help you find it.

My personal energies rapidly accelerate processes. With directed intention and concerted amplification of each others’ energies, we can create a syncretic coaching relationship that allows you to draw on my powers to bend time.

You provide the right answers for YOU. My coaching provides the techniques, big picture insights, and energetic manipulations to get you there more efficiently.

Personal note

I can teach you tools and provide space for you to find within yourself your own peace in the midst of chaos.

I conduct all sessions via Zoom.

Contact information

  • Canton, Ohio, United States
  • Soul Star Attunement LLC
  • Eastern Time
  • English, French, Russian