Ljubica Popovic

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Quantum Human Design Type Orchestrator (Projector)
Certification Certified Level 2 Quantum Alignment System Practitioner
Certified Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)

Other Services

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment
  • I also facilitate a self development online group program (Guided Open Intensive Program). As a Cacao Ceremony practitioner, I lead Cacao Ceremonies.


Guided Open Intensive Self Development program Facilitator,
Cacao Ceremony Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacy Assistant
Certificate 4, Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma


I am a trained listener and space holder with a highly developed awareness and intuition. As a certified QHD Specialist and QAS Specialist I am here to guide you to discover the truth of who you really are, to help you see the potential of what is possible for you and help you reach that potential.

Personal story

Hi, my name is Ljubica.
I was born and lived in Bosnia until the age of thirty-two when, due to the war, I migrated and found a
home with my family in Australia where I now live.
I am a mother of three adult children and the loves of my life.
The experience of a spiritual awakening six years ago, after my husband passing, led me on an
incredible journey.
Facing many challenges as an awaken soul, I could not go back but keep moving forward breaking
through many barriers in the process of having others accepting me as a "new person".
For several years since, I have been deeply invested in learning from spiritual teachers and inspirational
In February 2020 I was invited to participate in a self-development and deep inner work program (Guided
Open Pathway) which helped me reach another level of profound healing. This year was a year of an
enormous personal growth. I also became a Facilitator of the same program during which I was
introduced to the Human Design System. I was amazed by its accuracy and simplicity. Human Design
brought a deep sense and understanding of my past, my life purpose and direction. It made me feel I
could finally give myself permission to be ME.
This was only the beginning of my journey with Human Design.
With Divine timing Quantum Human Design and Quantum Alignment System found me.
As a QHD and QAS Specialist, I am feeling blessed that I can share with others such great tools of self
Now I live my passion and fulfil my purpose helping people find the shortest and the easiest way out of
suffering. My gifts of deep connection, listening and intuitive nature offer healing for others and are
greatly rewarding for me.
I am grateful that I can hold space, provide guidance and share this incredible system with others.

My goals as your guide

My goal is to help you feel safe, heard and seen so you can allow yourself to open your heart knowing
that you are held and fully supported.
To encourage your deeper opening and witness your inner work and healing.
Through the lenses of Human Design System to help you better understand yourself and others.
My joy is to see you empowered and changed, knowing your value and unique purpose on this planet.

Personal note

I conduct all my sessions via Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger. It is my honour to guide, assist and be a part of your journey.
Much love

Contact information

  • Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • Ljubica Popovic
  • Brisbane Australia
  • English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian