Gloria Constantin

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Quantum Human Design Type Orchestrator (Projector)
Certification Certified Level 3 Quantum Alignment System Practitioner
Certified Level 4 Human Design Specialist


  • Career Transition
  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Life Cycle Analysis Reading
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Relationship Analysis Reading
  • Retirement Reading
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)
  • Soul Activation Reading

Other Services

  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment
  • Human Design with Astrology
    The Story of Your Chart (written reading)


B.A., English with Minors in Theater and Opera
Certified Paralegal
Transformative Coach
Regression Facilitator
Human Design
QAS Level 3 Practitioner


In addition to applying the counseling tools I learned in transformative coaching, I use my intuitive gifts as well my understanding of human design, astrology, and the soul’s journey to help you identify your soul intentions – that is – the agenda for your life. I have been doing readings and counseling sessions for 30 years.

Personal story

When I was a very little girl, I would look in the mirror and think about the person I saw there. I just had a knowing that the reflection I saw wasn’t me. That is, it didn’t capture all of who I was, or perhaps had been, and certainly not who I would become. As I looked into the mirror, I asked: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Asking these questions made me dizzy and frightened. I felt wrapped inside enormous timelessness, and that became too overwhelming for my four-year-old self. I eventually stopped visiting the mirror. But I never forgot my questions, and the driving need to have those questions answered never left. I was deeply moved by the experience of being human and I became more and more aware of the connection between soul and body and the capacity of consciousness, individually and collectively, to create how life is experienced.

My goals as your guide

My goal as your Practitioner is to help you make the choices that are correct for you so that you can live your most empowered life. When you live a life that is in alignment with who you are and make decisions and choices that support that, you will attract what you need, and the trails that lead you to your right places, teachers, and opportunities will find you. You will be supported to live your most fulfilling life. When you live in alignment with your original intentions, you are truly on the way to unleashing your dharma – the reason you are here – and you will be living from your essence.

Personal note

You are an aspect of a much bigger Soul that put you on Earth for a reason. Your life is about comprehending the soul that gave you birth and the process by which your soul uses incarnation to test, assess, and increase its consciousness. That’s the real reason you’re here. And it is your Soul that gives direction to your Human Design Chart.

Contact information

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Living From Your Essence
  • Mountain Time
  • English