Caryn Murray

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Quantum Human Design Type Initiator (Manifestor)
Certification Certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design Specialist


  • HD/QHD Foundation Reading
  • Life Cycle Analysis Reading
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Quantum Human Design Coaching Session
  • Sacral Sessions for Alchemists (Generators) & Time Benders (Manifesting Generators)
  • Soul Activation Reading

Other Services

    • Shaman, Body-Mind-Soul Coach
    • Energy Healer
    • Cancer Coach
    • Radical Remission Certified Instructor and One-on-One Coach
    • Reiki
    • Akashic Records
    • Graduate American Institute of Holistic Theology
    • The Reconnection I-II-III
    • Angelspeake Facilitator
    • Dying Consciously Death Doula
    • Hospice Volunteer


In January 2021, I completed my Level 3 Quantum Human Design Certification. I have been following Human Design since 2016 and became a serious student during Covid lockdown. I believe in empowering others into becoming their best selves with the wisdom from their Human Design chart.

Personal story

I was drawn to Human Design while I was "loving myself back to life" after being diagnosed with Stage-4 Appendix cancer, shortly after my divorce and bankruptcy. Human Design found me at a time when I needed it most. As a lifelong learner, I love diving in the deep end to understand life better. From my chart, I am here to share what I have learned through my life experience regarding joy, abundance and being spiritually connected. My divorce and cancer diagnosis falls in line with my Kiron return and realigned me with my life's purpose and path!

My goals as your guide

My Goal as your Specialist is to give you a blueprint to understand and navigate your life better. When you are able to see your life's themes, learning style, and how you are really meant to work in detail, you gain strategy on how to best utilize all your strengths and talents with greater ease. Your life will make better sense. I am here to be your greatest cheerleader!

Personal note

Please reach out to schedule a chart reading with me at 630-675-8500 or email: All appointments are over the phone or on Zoom. I look forward to SEEING you!

Contact information

  • Westchester, IL
  • Sacred Talks
  • Central Time
  • English