Energy Forecast November 2023

Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for November 2023 – What’s in store for us? Watch Karen’s video above.

Heading into the Final Creative Quarter: Recalibration, Integrity, and No More Settling.

By Karen Curry Parker

Before diving into November’s energy forecast, let’s first understand where we are in the broader cycles of the year. In the Quantum Human Design calendar, the new year begins in late January when the Sun enters Gate 41. However, the preparatory phase for the upcoming year starts in early November as we enter the 4th and final creative quarter.

This quarter beginning November 6th is the Quarter of Recalibration. Like tending a garden before winter, it’s a time for cutting back, strengthening roots, assessing what worked this past year, and preparing the soil for new growth. We turn inward, tying up loose ends and completing unfinished projects to clear space for the future.

The quarter begins with the Sun in Gate 1, the Gate of Purpose, and the Earth in Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing. This is a powerful direction-setting combination, with Yang/Yang explosive energy wanting to burst forth juxtaposed with Yin/Yin receptive energy. It perfectly captures the dynamic of working in the shadows before later bringing our purpose out into the world.

Key Themes: Integrity and Right Timing

Major themes of this quarter involve cultivating integrity to come into harmony with right timing. The adrenaline-fueled “Root Center” regulates timing. Pushing against timing through force causes burnout. But integrity and inner alignment allow us to influence rather than fight timing.

Some questions to reflect on from this Energy Forecast:

  • Where do you need more integrity with your authentic self and values?
  • What inside you needs to be strengthened and recommitted to?
  • How can you come into harmony with timing rather than forcing things?
  • What loose ends need to be completed to clear space for the future?

These final months of 2023 prepare us for a dynamic year ahead in 2024 that will boldly challenge any lack of integrity or playing small. The time for conscious, empowered creativity is now.

November Energetics: Dream Bigger and Stay Focused

Let’s look at how November’s celestial energies help us recalibrate integrity and direction during this introspective phase.

The Sun begins the month in Gate 44, revisiting past patterns and releasing limiting beliefs so we can gain momentum. It then enters Gate 1, setting the tone for this whole quarter of realigning purpose.

New insights arise as the Sun enters Gate 43, followed by a transit through Gate 14 that examines if we’re living true to ourselves in our work. The Sun in 34 asks if we’re stepping into authentic empowerment.

We complete the month with the Sun in Gate 9, getting focused and clearing distractions that diffuse our energy from what matters most.

Jupiter in Gate 24, our planet of blessings and rewards, tells us to stop settling for less than we truly want. Have the courage of your convictions! Saturn retrograde in 55 says if you have faith and do the work, you’ll expand to the scale of your visions.

Dream bigger and stay focused!

Influencing Timing through Harmony

To optimize this recalibration process, let’s look at how to come into harmony with timing:

  • Follow your joy – Is your vision big enough to inspire you?
  • Lay the foundations – Are you ready for your dream to manifest?
  • Complete the past – Are there loose ends to tie up?
  • Build on what works – Find the grace in what’s already working.
  • Stay focused – Remove distractions blocking your momentum.
  • Have a community – Who can support you in staying true to yourself?
  • Keep the faith – Believe in the unseen and stay anchored in purpose.
  • Envision the end result – Use your imagination to feel the future now.

The Path Ahead

November sets the stage for consciously moving forward in 2024 with integrity to bring our boldest visions to life. We are each an irreplaceable part of the cosmic plan. When we know this and stand fully in our worth, we become a powerful creative force in service to building a new world.

What needs recalibration in your life before moving ahead? How can you come into harmony with timing and clear space for new creations that are ready to blossom? When we tend the soil in these final months of the year, we open the way for an abundant harvest in the year to come.

I hope these insights help you navigate November with clarity and purpose! If you want guidance tailored to your unique Human Design chart, join my Understanding Human Design membership community. You’ll find a supportive group, weekly forecasts, and courses to help you master your design.

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