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The October 2023 Quantum Human Design Energy Forecast By Karen Curry Parker 

Navigating Fear and Laying New Foundations  

We’re now fully immersed in the Quarter of Manifestation in the Quantum Human Design calendar, which is usually an action-packed time of harvesting the fruits of our visions and intentions. But this quarter kicked off with a boatload of retrograde planets, giving us more of a “gummy” season so far – like trying to drive a tractor through a muddy field!  A great start to our Energy Forecast this month!

Retrogrades offer opportunities for reflection and cosmic do-overs to reassess if we’re truly headed in the direction we want. With so many happening at once during this quarter of outward action, it’s created some stickiness and resistance. You may have felt eager to move ahead with plans but somehow blocked or stalled out. The good news? Some of the heaviness is starting to lift, opening opportunities in October to get unstuck. 

However, October tends to confront us with fear, which is not surprising with Halloween approaching! We have two eclipses, a Hunter’s Moon, and the Sun and planets moving through self-doubt-inducing gates. It’s a month for getting eyeball to eyeball with fear and asking where it’s holding us back from boldly stepping into the future. 

Looking Back Before Moving Forward 

To understand the currents of October, let’s first look at the bigger energy forecast or weather patterns of the past few years. A major cycle of upheaval began in 2019 when Uranus entered Taurus, disrupting outdated systems and beginning a process of dismantling structures no longer serving our evolution.  

The last time Uranus was in Taurus in the 1930s, we experienced the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, and other massive shakeups. We’re in that same theme of turbulent realignment.


October Energy Forecast - Image of the astrological sign of Uranus

Right on the heels of Uranus entering Taurus, the pandemic emerged, connected astrologically to the Sun’s placement in Gate 44, initiating a global health crisis. The 44th gate highlights fears of past patterns repeating. The pandemic created both an opportunity to realign values and fears that stymied evolution and moving forward.  

With our ego integrity disrupted by the pandemic, it can be tempting to resort to grabbing for more than our share out of a scarcity mentality, which breeds further misalignment. The invitation is to reclaim our sense of value and realign with integrity. 

For the past three years, the celestial weather has also compelled us to revise limiting stories and tell a new narrative aligned with our true vital role in the cosmic plan. Our stories become self-fulfilling prophecies manifesting in the physical realm. As we disrupt worn-out systems, we must author a story positioning us to consciously create what comes next, not just be victims of external chaos. 

Energy Forecast – Where We Stand Now

The Energy Forecast for next year already looks like a potentially bumpy ride. However, rough periods hold radical potential for awakening, reinvention, and renewal IF we have a solid story and sense of value to steer us. Without that inner compass, we’ll likely feel frightened, lost, and tossed about without the ability to pivot gracefully. 

The planets say we have a window before 2023 to get clear within ourselves. A key is focusing not on healing, but on appreciating what’s already working well and expanding on that. The innovative energy of Pluto in Gate 60 encourages building on strengths vs. reinventing the wheel. 

What in your life is already aligned with your desires? If you removed everything from your “canvas” and started fresh, what would you put back because it’s already working? How can you grow that and use it as the foundation to construct the next phase? These questions are pivotal now. 

When you know your worth and purpose, and tell a story calibrated to call in what you want, you can handle anything. Even intense fear becomes fuel to push you forward as you align with the next right step, then the next. If your story rocks, the steps will be shown. 

October’s Energy Forecast Invitation: Confronting Fear and Laying Groundwork  

Let’s look at how the month’s celestial weather is conspiring to nudge us into some bold next steps on our path. 

The North and South Nodes are currently in Gates 42 and 32, indicating a time for tying up loose ends, completing unfinished projects, cleaning out closets (literally and metaphorically), and clearing space for the new. As we declutter, we also lay foundations for dreams through practical action steps. 

The South Node in 42 asks, “What needs to be completed to make room for the future?” The North Node in 32 asks, “What’s the very next tangible step to build your vision?” 

Meanwhile, the Sun moves through a series of gates in the Self-Actualization Center that can trigger fears of inadequacy. Its invitation is to push beyond limitations by taking bold action proclaiming you are ready to move through stagnating fears. Ask, “What concrete steps proclaim I’m done with playing small?” 

The New Moon solar eclipse on October 25th also activates the 32nd gate, massively amplifying the capacity to lay foundations. It offers a profound new beginning if we plant seeds now. 

The Full Moon lunar eclipse on October 9th highlights Gate 27, calling us to release guilt, codependency, and obligations inhibiting our progress. As a potent finale to the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series, it compels us to stand fully in our true selves. 

Use the spirit of Halloween to burn away and detach from whatever you need to let go of in order to take the next step. 

The retrograde outer planets add some spice: 

– Uranus in 23 brings paradigm-shifting insights that change our mindsets. 

– Neptune in 36 says disrupt limiting patterns by boldly imagining and claiming the miraculous.  

– Pluto in 60 urges appreciating what already works well to build on. 

Finally, in retrograde Saturn continues its journey through 55 asking us to actively strengthen our faith muscles. Jupiter in 2 and then 24, also retrograde, reminds us to access the deep inner worth that magnetizes all the resources required for fulfilling our purpose. Past challenges occurred to help you reclaim your value and path, not reinforce smallness. 

The overall message of this Energy Forecast is loud and clear: fear can only hold you back if you let it. But if you take bold action and choose to grow through uncertainty, while laying new foundations with discipline and faith, you’ll be surprised by what you might create. The planets offer cosmic support for a major push at this potent turning point if we can stay anchored in our core story of limitless possibility. 

Why not get your FREE Quantum Human Design Chart here and see how this Energy Forecast can assist you in making the most of this powerful time?

I hope this Energy Forecast provides some guidance on navigating October’s opportunities amidst its challenges. If you have found this Energy Forecast helpful, consider joining our Understanding Human Design Membership community where you can soak in even more astrological insights tailored for your evolution and growth and so much more! 

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