Choices Matter in The Story of Your Life

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I hope this letter finds you standing in the eye of the story of your life, directing the energy and steering yourself along a path that feels aligned and expansive.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life events lately. To quote my dear friend, Jacob Nordby, life has been extra “life-y” lately…

Life has certainly taught me how to be resilient when things don’t go as planned. I’ve learned what I can control and influence and what I can’t.

Life itself is extraordinary.

We are all once-in-a-lifetime Cosmic events, unique expressions of the Cosmos that have never appeared in the history of the world before and will never appear in the future of the world again.

The events of our life are the artifacts of the unfolding of consciousness through our life story.

Life is growing through us, and the events of our life – all the events of our life, including the mundane – are profoundly important to the Universe.

Your life is an organization of information on the quantum level that creates in formation on the material plane.

Every event of your life creates off-shoots and branches of consequences and choices for you and for all of Life that you share hierarchical entanglements with.

Every choice you make is catalytic and gives you an opportunity to change and influence the nature of the chain reaction you play a role in creating. Your intentions and your vibrational alignment influence the nature of the expansion of the creative nexus you are playing in.

an image about energy and story Your power lies in the frequency of energy you hold

Your every choice is, in essence, like the eye of a hurricane, causing a spinning force of consequent energy bands, splitting off and swirling around you. Those off-shoots of your choices create new events and catalyze more expansion and creation in the world. All of these create your story.

But, like a hurricane, those choices can split off bands of destruction, drama, and chaos or you can stand in the middle of your creation with intention and influence the impact of the events of your life.

The choice is up to us.

It’s in the choosing that the real potential for creating an abundant, equitable, peaceful, and just world lies. Your every choice, tiny as it is, creates a wave of impact. The story you tell about yourself to the world matters.

We often think that we are insignificant, that our lives don’t matter, and that our existence is simply the embodiment of one of many lives in the world.

But if you can accept the idea that your life is a once-in-a-lifetime comic event and, consequently, all the events of your life are potentially vital catalysts for the expansion of consciousness on the planet, then every choice you make is vital.

a quote from Karen Curry Parker the  most important thing we can do to change the world

Every choice you make matters.

Every choice you make has the potential to impact the world.

To me, the gift of truly understanding your Quantum Human Design™, is that it gives you a path to know how to choose.

When you live in alignment with your Authentic Self, you become receptive to Life’s Intelligence flowing through you and using your life as a template for creating more Love in the world. Your conscious choosing, in essence, inevitably causes all of us to choose to live more aligned with Love.

Sometimes we wrestle with what feels like the insignificance of our lives. We struggle with feeling like we can’t change the world or have any kind of impact on the world. In reality, your choices have the potential to effect tremendous transformation in the world. We struggle with understanding how valuable our story is and how much it matters.

If enough of us choose to consciously stand in the center of the vortex of our choices and consciously choose abundance, Love, equitability, justice, and sustainability, we have the potential to create a massive shift of sweeping change.


Because we consciously choose to.

Today I invite you to reframe your story and perspective on your life, to remember that you are a once-in-a-lifetime Cosmic event and that your life – and your choices – matter.

You matter.

And the more you embrace that precious, vital, and irreplaceable role that only you can play in the Cosmic Plan, the more influence you assume over what you create in your life.

And the events of your life story continue to be profoundly important to the Universe.

Choose well.

You deserve it.

The world deserves it.

From my Heart to Yours,


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