The Quantum Alignment System Certification

The premier Human Design centered integrative certification for coaches, consultants, and practitioners who want to create transformative client results.

The Quantum Alignment System Certification

Are you looking for an integrated, scientifically-supported way to help people embody their Human Design and take back control of their personal stories?

(And, at the same time, working on strengthening your own confidence, intuition, and vitality?)

Does this sound like you?

You are driven deeply by a sense of purpose, knowing you were designed to make a massive, world-changing impact.

You LOVE Human Design and you’re looking for a safe, systematic, and logical framework to help people “de-condition” so they can fulfill their potential and manifest a truly satisfying life…

You identify as a “healer” who seeks to integrate quantum concepts into therapeutic practices to help people during this time of massive change…

You feel the power of intentional storytelling deep in your soul and you’re called to help people take back control of the story they tell themselves (and the world) about who they are so they can reclaim their natural creative power – and all the goodness they were born for….

And you know that to do all of this, you have to do it for yourself first.

If you’re like most of our students, you’re a spiritual seeker and life transformer who longs to help people by connecting them to deeper answers that help transform their perspective and activate higher states of wellness and abundance. You live at the intersection of spirituality and science, and you know that we’re on the leading edge of big changes in the world of wellness and coaching.

You know we’re on the cusp of big change – The Shift – and you have a vital role in helping the next evolution of humanity. You can feel that the economy is changing, business is changing, politics are changing, and people are changing. Yet, in the middle of being the powerful futurist you are, you’re also grappling with your own ancestral patterns, doubt, and uncertainty about exactly how to fulfill your role as a holistic healer in this new world we are birthing.

You can only raise people’s vibrations to the level of your own vibration. This is the conundrum of coaching, therapy, and holistic healing. To truly elevate your own frequency and better help others, you have to work on ALL levels of consciousness, including the physical, quantum, and subtle energy levels.

You also have to know how to do this for your clients.

You’re already shaping the world by helping people tell the TRUE story about Who They Really Are. You’ve learned to remove pain, blocks, and stuck-ness while helping others claim their Authentic Identity. But it’s not enough.

You need an integrated, systematic, and scientific approach to help people make permanent changes so they can escape boom and bust cycles of energy and alignment. You want to teach them how to stay resilient no matter what’s going on outside of themselves so they’re prepared for the changes ahead.

You know that in this modern age, you need a quantum perspective blended with evidence-supported science and cosmic awareness to help create the tipping point of healing for your clients, for yourself, and for the world.

Enter the world of Human Design.

As you’ve started exploring and deepening your understanding of Human Design, you can see its incredible potential to make a difference for your clients.

Which has led you HERE.

You know that Human Design can drastically change the outcomes for your clients.

You understand the role that “conditioning” plays in keeping your clients locked in old patterns that keep them stuck in pain in every area of their lives.

You also know there is more to the story and are intrigued by the possibilities of combining the power of Human Design with other evidence-supported modalities to create an unlimited toolbox of change for you to use with your clients.

The Quantum Alignment System gives you the keys to unlock dramatic results - for yourself AND your clients.

For years, we have been at the forefront of an evidence-supported approach to Human Design while seeking to integrate its strengths into a comprehensive, integrative approach to energy healing. We call this integrated system the Quantum Alignment System (QAS). 

QAS is here to help you apply alchemy to turn longstanding patterns of difficulty into gold, embody the fullness of your power, and build a thriving coaching practice serving others with our cutting-edge, evidence-supported protocols!

Why Quantum Alignment System is The Answer

Most coaches, energy healers, consultants – even therapists – are trained to work with one layer of the human condition.  They either work on the physical, mental or spiritual level of their clients’ pain.  

The problem is that we’ve been taught to separate energy healing modalities into little boxes, diminishing the power that comes from creating a synergistic, healthy evolution and encouraging scarcity energy. This also dramatically limits our ability to get to the root cause of pain. 

Usually, working on one level can give good, short-term results.  But, if you fail to integrate the full spectrum of the human condition – mind, body and spirit – to get to the root cause of pain in the first place, the results your client experiences will be temporary and might not even include ancestral and soul aspects of pain.

Not only do you have to get to the root disruption in well-being, you also have to know how to replace your clients old identity and story with a new, empowered and resilient narrative.  If you neglect this essential step, your client is vulnerable to defaulting to their old story any time they experience stress. 

This default experience is called the vitality loop in Quantum Human Design.  If you’re not disrupting the vitality loop by helping your client install a new and better story, your clients are vulnerable to disruptions in well-being and abundance again and again and again.  

Maybe you’ve had that same experience, too? 

The Quantum Alignment System integrates Quantum Human Design with leading-edge Energy Psychology tapping protocols (EFT) specifically created based on the Human Design archetypes, sound healing frequencies specific to Human Design, and bespoke flower essence blends so you can stop the energy-draining mental spin and get your clients off the merry-go-round of chronic painful patterns.

There is nothing worse than watching your clients fall into the same harmful patterns over and over again. 

QAS is the comprehensive solution you need to support your clients in ending those cycles.

We teach you how to quickly restore the connections to inner wisdom and personal power, access and resolve ancestral patterns and narratives, and get right to the source of repetitive patterns with a toolbox full of evidence-based practices.

These techniques help you get to the root of the root of your clients’ conditioned narratives so you can effectively help them access the breakthroughs they need to finally create the life they were born to live. 

We help you put all the pieces of your previous trainings together with the supercharged Quantum Alignment System to create rapid transformation and help your clients turn ancestral conditioning into life-affirming energy healing.

Deep down, you may already feel like this is the “more” you’ve been looking for, and we know it is because we have mountains of proof. 

We all know that standard coaching can be very helpful. But it’s only the beginning. 

Human Design gives us profound and customized approaches to supporting our clients, but Human Design doesn’t explain everything that our clients have experienced.

While EFT can be effective for some issues and individuals, without integrating Human Design, it lacks a solid and targeted direction.

Flower essences can take you a long way but aren’t a comprehensive solution if you’re using them as a stand-alone modality. 

Sound frequencies can be energetically aligning, but they work infinitely better when they are specific to your chart’s Centers. 

AND, very few coaches and healers are taught how to properly help their clients to harness the power of quantum thinking to dramatically accelerate breakthroughs.

But just like a bowl full of eggs, butter, flour, cocoa powder, and sugar are meaningless until you put them all together to bake a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse cake, so too are all the energy healing modalities when they’re kept separate. 

However, when combined with the hands of a practitioner who deeply cares about the outcomes their clients achieve, the Quantum Alignment System is the epitome of an integrative approach to creating true alchemy and lasting change. 

We combined the best available tools, created some of our own, and consistently tested The Quantum Alignment System, watching magic happen over and over again. 

The techniques used in the Quantum Alignment System are based in part on research that’s been peer-reviewed in over 15,000 studies.

You will learn a skillset supported by science and decades of research while still being able to blend them with your Heart, your own inner knowing, and all of the training and experience you may have had in the past. This is an integrative and personal approach to helping your clients maximize their unique potential—all according to their Human Design.

This is the PERFECT place for you if you long to truly help others and make a difference in the world.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to healing.
This is integrative, multi-modal, and evidence-based.
This is a TOOLBOX stocked full of everything you need versus
a few random tools that have little impact on the work at hand.

About The Creator of The Quantum Alignment System - Dr. Karen Curry Parker

Unlike most others who are teaching pieces of Human Design, my “healer” background and experience have given me a unique insight into this world.

I started my professional career as a Registered Nurse and a midwife, immersed in the traditional healthcare system and deeply rooted in science.  I struggled with the incongruency of a healthcare system that wasn’t really helping people get healthy and was curious to explore how to better help people get out of pain.

In my quest to help people eliminate the root cause of their pain, I studied life coaching and became one of the very first coaches trained in the world.  While learning to coach gave me powerful skills, it still didn’t really give me the depth I was craving to help my clients experience permanent shifts – and I spent a lot of time trying to “diagnose” the root cause of my client’s challenges and not really finding the answers I needed to effectively help them. 

At the same time, I also took a deep dive into holistic health traditions like EFT, flower essences, Healing Touch, sound frequencies, and other subtle body energy techniques. I knew I was sitting on a wealth of life-changing tools, but I still felt like my approach was “hit or miss” – so I kept searching. 

I then worked for and studied under Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) and learned the power of Human Design through my “healer” eyes. Human Design gave me a more targeted approach to all of the modalities I was trained in.  Certainly, Human Design has helped me get my clients much better results in a much faster way. However, I knew that just following Human Design alone without an evidence-supported strategic and integrated approach to helping clients still wasn’t giving me a complete system to accelerate my clients results and help them out of pain permanently. 

While pursuing my PhD in Integrative Medicine, I conducted research that demonstrated that retelling personal stories from an empowered perspective can increase immune response and strengthen resiliency, creating the StoryLab method to help people take back control over their narrative. 

Seeing so many people continue to stay stuck, suffering, and broken, I took everything I’d learned and began to create a more holistic, integrative approach. 

I blended everything into a strengths-based, positive approach to transforming lives.

I do this by using high-vibration affirming language and the Quantum Human Design bodygraph to teach you how to directly address the bedrock-level sources of chronic patterns that stem from dysfunctional narratives. 

When you follow these profound protocols, quantum leaps in progress can and do occur beyond any single modality you’ve ever tried before.

Imagine the change you could make with a TRULY holistic approach and deep, diverse toolbox! 

That’s the Quantum Alignment System.

What’s Included In My Certification?

This certification is designed to give you mastery over an advanced set of skills, tools, and modalities you can use to support your clients on their healing journey.

This is the first and only certification of its kind designed to equip you with a logical framework based on the synergistic combination of Quantum Human Design high-frequency language, custom flower essences, specially recorded sound frequencies, and advanced level EFT with specific protocols & vibrational energies to facilitate change at the DNA level to expedite true and long-lasting transformation.

By completing this step-by-step intensive and integrative program, you’ll have unique skills to help you help yourself and stand out amongst others in your industry.

With various audio, video, experiential sessions with a partner, live calls, highly-skilled professional mentors, and real-time support in our online community, we’ve made sure our professional training and certification tracks are unlike anything else available worldwide.

You want excellence for yourself and your clients.

We also want that and go the extra mile to provide it.

Inside The QAS Certification, you will get training in the following:

  • Quantum Human Design as a Diagnostic Tool: this easy-to-implement tool is a customized way to assess clients (in the exact way they need to be assessed) and will serve as your starting point for coaching and consulting with new clients. It will give you a clear roadmap to begin your work together.
  • Quantum Energy Psychology: Move beyond EFT & Tapping. The Emotional Freedom Technique allows clients to make cognitive shifts so they can be more intentional versus reactive regarding what they create in life, while the benefits of Quantum Energy Psychology include enhanced emotional resilience and deeper healing.
  • 9 Resiliency Keys: If you blend all of the archetypes in the Human Design chart with modern developmental theory, you discover that there are nine base archetypes that are at the root of getting out of pain and maximizing potential.  In the Quantum Alignment System, you will learn exactly how to optimize these nine base archetypes, called the 9 Resiliency Keys.  This is like having X-ray vision into the baseline of your client’s stories. When you understand how to rewrite or rework your client’s story around resiliency, you actually give them the ability to break out of vitality loops and tap into vitality and energy, expanding their capacity to create intentionally.
  • Coaching Skills: Using the coaching skills you learn in StoryLab, you can work with clients to intentionally craft the infrastructure of a new vision and a new story of who they are. Then, you can begin giving them the skills to start building, manifesting, and creating that story on the material plane.
  • Advanced StoryLab Certification:

    An accelerated integrated process of using intentional storytelling, a research-supported process using EFT, subtle body frequencies, flower essences, and sound frequencies to create this integrative process of helping people rewrite their personal narratives to create optimal wellness in every area of their lives. This also includes an Introductory Workshop to duplicate and materials you can use to generate leads for your coaching practice.

  • Using Flower Essences and Sound Frequencies: Integrative tools that hold in place the new changes you are helping clients make. This process means that even under stress, the body and mind can continue integrating those changes until they become natural.
  • Therapeutic Bibliography:  Since most of our clients are early adopters and trailblazers like us, we’re giving you this therapeutic bibliography as a scientific source and resource guide. When you go out into the world and are met with someone questioning your credibility, you have a resource guide that gives you science-backed support for the modalities used in QAS.

This program has self-study components so you can begin immediately!

The program structure includes:

  • Welcome, Orientation & Intention Setting Kickoff (Live call)
  • How to Live Your Design – Quantum Human Design Training
  • 6 Lesson QAS Kickoff (pre-recorded sessions)
  • 4 Additional Recorded Training Sessions
  • 8 Weekly, 90-minute practicum sessions that include skill-building breakout sessions and Q&A
  • Digital manual with permission to print locally if desired
  • Custom Flower Essence kit
  • Monthly Group Case Consultation call (Q&A)
  • Optional Bonus: 30 days free in our Business By Design Network Membership, which includes 2 weekly calls with coaches focused on building your business with your new skills.
All lead to certification through the Quantum Alignment System, which includes a printable certificate and a listing on our website as a certified practitioner. 

What people say about QAS

Look, here’s the deal...

The world is changing, and we’re standing on the precipice of a dramatic shift in the human story.  You play a vital role in helping people through this dramatic and disruptive time.  

But you can’t help if you’re not strong and resilient first.  The Quantum Alignment System training is, first and foremost, for YOU.  You will discover those deep places where your relationship with yourself, the world, your past, and your Creator, might be holding you back, keeping you from really being seen and heard while discovering scientifically based ways to change your mind, body, and spirit to align with a rich source of Support and Creativity that will help you lead the world with your Heart.

As you deepen your connection with your Heart, your Purpose, and your mission, you’ll also be learning leading-edge skills and integrating quantum coaching tools, Human Design, and holistic modalities that will help you help people make permanent and lasting changes to their personal stories.

So they can create better lives.

So they can help engineer a brighter and more abundant future for themselves and the world. 

So they can remember Who They Truly Are and fulfill the role they were born to fulfill.  

All because of you.

Join Now for 1 Payment of $3347

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Join Now for 12 Payments of $3347

What people say about QAS

Deborah Mueller

What an amazing class. This was so informative not just about myself, but those around me. I am so looking forward to begin offering this to my mentorship clients. I provide soul healing and this is going to be a part of the reading and the healing. Thank you so much for making this an engaging, informative, and easily understood training.

Susanne H

Karen Curry Parker is such an inspirational guide and teacher. The way the community is set up is at first slightly overwhelming, but once you know how to navigate it, it really is a goldmine of inspiration, knowledge and guidance. You truly feel seen and heard all through the training and when entering the community. High quality, comprehensive teachings and I am looking forward to the next levels.

Karen Smith

Oh yes! This course was everything and more: informative, enlightening, and transformational. It was delivered so well and the support has been amazing! It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I have learnt a lot and added another string to my bow. EFT has been so useful in understanding my blocks & I feel like I’m in the flow again. I can’t wait to go on through the levels.

Why this, why now?

You got started because you wanted to facilitate change, healing, and transformation.

The Quantum Alignment System gives you everything you need to do that. 

A clear roadmap to use with clients from all walks of life. 

A diverse toolkit and in-depth training on HOW to use each modality, with support and real-time feedback along the way. 

A custom approach to replace one-size-fits-all, shallow strategies that barely touch the surface. 

This system has been used to help support thousands of healing journeys and is truly a competitive edge for the coaches, consultants, and practitioners who go through it. 

Not to mention, there are the INCREDIBLE personal benefits of working through all of the pieces of training and having your OWN breakthroughs along the way. 

This certification unlocks a depth of mastery you simply can’t find anywhere else. 

Comprehensive, customizable, evidence-based, integrative, and holistic.

You can keep getting solo certifications, using a fragmented approach to serving your clients, or you can invest in growing your skillset, expanding your toolkit, and starting to facilitate LASTING, transformational change. 

You already KNOW there is MORE. You intuitively feel that. 

And here you are with more at your fingertips. 

Your people need you. 

Join us! 

Join Now for 1 Payment of $3347

Join Now for 6 Payments of $290

Join Now for 12 Payments of $3347

What people say about QAS


Pricing is $4997, discounted during launch by 33% = $3347.00


Jamila Jamie - Team

Jamila Jamie

Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 and is now the Director of the Quantum Alignment System™, which is the advanced integrated Professional Training created by Karen Curry Parker that blends the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Human Design™, subtle body therapies (quantum essential oils & quantum flower essences) and traditional coaching. She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through Certification. Jamila is the creator of the powerful Flower Essences used in this program.

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist, and certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember, she was able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving into Human Design for over ten years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. Her passion is to help women liberate their energy and take back their power so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.

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