The BIG Thing You Were Born For

Born for Something Big

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

I hope this letter finds you courageously exploring the evolving edges of who you are and practicing stretching those edges are far as you can.

You were born for something big.

You’ve felt it inside of yourself since you got here. When you were little, you played “make-believe” with the energy of the big person inside of you.

We were Queens and Kings, dancers on the stage, artists, superheroes, doctors, soldiers, and veterinarians. We wore costumes and cool hats and even insisted that our parents refer to us by our alter-ego names.

My youngest son was Davy Crocket. For three years straight, he wore a coon skin cap and carried a six-shooter in his pocket. Little old ladies would come up to him at the grocery store and call him Daniel Boone. He responded indignantly, telling them that he was NOT Daniel Boone, he was DAVY CROCKET. Davy Crocket fought to his death to defend the Alamo. It is said that Davy Crocket died while fighting off sixteen men with a knife.

Now, my son is the gentlest giant you could ever meet. He’s in the army, a dream he’s had for most of his life, and he’s committed to fighting to protect people from pain and suffering. Whatever your politics may be, he is a person who has committed his life to fighting for freedom.

Davy Crocket was the representation of my son’s inner largeness. My son has always known he is a fighter. As a young sixth-line profile, he’s still discovering what he wants to fight for. That big person inside of him is emerging into the world, hand-in-hand with the courage to keep trying to figure out how to bring this part of himself to fulfillment in his life.

We admire people who live into their largeness. Athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs, leaders, artists…. We often think we don’t have what they have.

That might be kind of true, but not in the way that you think.

We all have a largeness inside of us.

Read that again because it’s important.

We. All. Have. A. Largeness. Inside. Of. Us.

Having something big inside of you is normal and universal.

It’s not the largeness inside of us that makes us special or someone to be admired. It isn’t the largeness that drives us.

What sets people who live into their largeness apart from the rest of us is their willingness to bring life to their largeness. To take the risk…

They do what so many of us dream of doing.


Years ago, I took piano lessons. I loved piano, but it was pretty clear from the beginning that I wasn’t going to Carnegie Hall or Juilliard. That didn’t stop me from playing the piano.

For many of us, somewhere on our journey to expand into life, we learn that if we can’t be “the best” we should stop.

Stop trying.

Stop learning.

Stop expanding.

If you look at the numbers, it’s kind of silly. How many truly top-notch professional piano players are there in the world? A pretty small percentage of humans on the planet are actually “the best” at the piano.

But what about those who play for the joy of playing?

Mastery doesn’t mean you become the best at some external metric that gauges where you are compared with others. Mastery means you have a practice that drives you, brings you joy, and helps you bring your largeness into the world.

The goal is not the “completion” of mastery.

You can’t “complete” mastery because it’s ever-evolving.

The world-famous 75-year-old violinist Itzhak Perlman still takes violin lessons every week, even though he has played for the Queen of England and at the White House.

The goal is to express your largeness into the world, to not turn your back on the big passionate version of yourself who wore a cape for weeks to the dinner table when you were four. That cape-wearing, glorious human is still you.

They are you.

I’ve never met someone who wasn’t meant to be someone big.

But I’ve met a lot of people who were too afraid to try, who let all those other voices stop them, who were told that if you can’t be like the little neighbor girl who wears a size 2 and dances in the ballet theater downtown you shouldn’t bother dancing and BELIEVED those people…

The BIG thing you were born for is YOU.

There has never been anyone like you before, and there will never be anyone like you again. Being YOU is literally the only thing that you can do. And you can’t be compared to anyone else because…well…you’re one in an infinite metric.

Here’s to finding the courage to live your largeness.

Here’s to a life that stretches and flows to the uttermost edge of self-expression.

A life that only you can live.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,


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