A Look Into the Themes of 2024. 

A Look Into the Themes of 2024. 

Themes of 2024 – What Potentials Are There for Us?

Hello Cosmic Revolutionary,

2024 year promises to be a year that might feel like we’re completing a final exam or defending a dissertation. We’ve been studying, practicing, and preparing for 2024 since the planet Uranus entered the sign of Taurus in 2019.

This is the year where we must “walk our talk” and take the aligned actions necessary to prepare for the future.

The Celestial Weather Sets the Stage For Our Evolution.

The planets are not at fault. We are not some hapless victim of a planetary program that “causes” human destruction and misalignment. The planets simply highlight key archetypal themes that give us structural elements and a “plot outline” for our story.

It’s Up to Us to Decide What We Do With These Themes of 2024.

To understand what’s up on the planet this year we have to review some of the critical celestial themes that have been influencing us over the past five years.

Uranus in Taurus, Starting in 2019, is Setting the Stage For Massive Upheaval and Growth.

All systems eventually outgrow their capacity to fulfill their original intention. When systems reach the end of their lifespan, they come apart, creating room for something new, something more effective.

Uranus in Taurus is a catalyst for massive change on a systemic level. Old systems that no longer serve the greater good, such as the health care system, the economic system, the government system- and more – are subject to being stretched and stressed as a result of outgrowing their capacity, creating a cycle of disruption.

Disruption is a Natural Part of Growth and Evolution.

When our values change and we reach the limits of our growth, the old ways of doing things have to fall apart. In a way, this is a symptom of our souls calling for expansion. We’ve outgrown our old personal and collective narratives. We have to let our old story – our old identity – come apart to make room for a new story.

The cycles of expansion that we’re facing can be personal and collective.

If you take a moment and think back to May of 2019 and then reflect on where you are right now, you’ll realize that your life is probably pretty different now.

Covid arrived shortly after Uranus entered Taurus. In Human Design it is taught that pandemics start when the Sun shines on the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth. This Gate brings us a theme of releasing the patterns of the past so that we can bring ourselves into greater alignment with integrity. Covid forced us to reevaluate our values and to redefine what’s valuable. It also brought us a powerful reminder that, even though we may be far apart on the globe, our actions impact each other profoundly.

Our experience with Covid placed an enormous amount of stress on our health care system our economy, and the education system. It brought attention to the inequity of gender and gender roles in the home as families shifted to at-home education, with women bearing the bulk of the responsibility of supporting the children and simultaneously running a household and, often, continuing to work at their jobs or running their own businesses.

Our values shifted during Covid. Many people experienced tragic loss. Businesses closed or had to evolve how they deliver their services. We are still in the midst of an epidemic of “quiet quitting” while our economy continues to recover.

Many families realized the importance of time together and began to make changes to reflect a quieter, less materialistic lifestyle. We certainly learned that the effects of a singular event anywhere on the planet has the capacity to affect us all in profound ways.

Disruption is Always a Symptom of Growth, Our Higher Selves Calling Us Forward Towards Something Better.

Disruption forces us to redefine who we are and begin the process of establishing a new identity – a new story about who we are and who we are becoming. We’re vulnerable when we are disrupted. While part of us knows that we must keep our momentum moving forward, we grieve and long to go back to how things “used to be”.

When we don’t manage our growth with awareness and intention we run the risk of getting stuck in frustration, fear, anger, bitterness, and disappointment. We get trapped in our grief, keeping our emotions trapped while we long to “go back”…

Cycles of Disruption Can Trigger a Sense of Deep Loss.

We are personally and collectively going through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The surge in divisive politics and, in particular, the surge in orthodox and conservative movements are all a societal response to loss, the embodiment of a desire to go back to “how things used to be”.

But you can never go back. The person we were pre-disruption is gone. They will never return. The challenge is to integrate the blessings and the lessons and use disruption as a way to intentionally clarify what we want next. We are healing from the pain of the past and simultaneously deciding what’s in front of us that’s worth running towards.

This has been true these past few years both on a personal and a collective level. We have been in a cycle of liminality – a threshold space where we have to decide how to go forward because we can no longer return to the past.

The Question is How Will We Move Forward? 

Will we tell stories of our wounding and craft an identity rooted in our brokenness or will we find the threads of what IS working and weave those threads into a new and better story?

We all know that we are unique. That deep awareness of our uniqueness pulses in our veins yearning for us to express it out into the world. The quest for our authentic identity has been loud and amplified these past few years. We all know that we are unique. That deep awareness of our uniqueness pulses in our veins yearning for us to express it out into the world. We mistakenly think our brokenness sets us apart, the our pain differentiates us from others. But what sets us apart is our brilliance. We are all broken in the same way. What makes us unique is all the different ways we are brilliant.

Resilience is the Theme of 2024.

How do we show up for a rapidly changing world and stay fluid, capable of pivoting and adjusting to the challenges and opportunities that reveal themselves? To stay resilient in 2024, we must proclaim our brilliance and have the courage to protect it and use it as the light that shines our way forward. It takes more courage to be brilliant than it does to stay broken.

The Nodes

The Nodes represent the “plot outline” in the story of the year ahead. The Nodal pairs reflect how we mature and evolve over the days ahead and what challenges we must overcome in order to fulfill the potential of this year.

If we look to the Nodes to define the primary themes of this year we see that the Nodes are laying out a soul curriculum of helping us learn to trust the wisdom of the Heart, to draw our energy from the spark that is ignited by our alignment versus harnessing our willpower and to continue improving by cultivating a consistent practice that supports strengthening our creative skills.

Creativity in this case isn’t about glitter, paint, and interpretive dancing. It’s about our ability to respond intentionally and deliberately to what’s needed in the moment. The moments ahead may be volatile and highly fluid requiring of us to be facile and adept at using our creativity to pivot and stay aligned as the key to knowing where to take the next “right” step in moving forward.

We’re also learning to manage our response to fear, to stay out of reactivity and old patterns so that we can move forward with faith and confidence. The Nodes instruct us to dig deep and find the courage to move forward because the call of our purpose and what we’re running towards is stronger than the call to run away from our fear.

The Nodes highlight Gates of the Heart Chakra (the Will Center and the G-Center) for most of the year, reminding us that we create better when we’re in alignment with our purpose. Brute force and willpower are finite and unsustainable. This theme of will versus purpose plays out in multiple layers of the celestial weather for all of 2024.

A good contemplative question for you to ask yourself all year is: “How can I retrain my focus on what I want and need?” (A good question to ponder if you find yourself wandering around in the “Worst Case Scenario Rabbit Hole”.)

January – May 11, 2024

We start the year with the South Node highlighting the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, and the North Node highlighting the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct. We are beginning the year with a cycle of disruption, shock, and initiation that inspires us to deepen our connection to our purpose and to Source.

New ideas as sparked by massive change and we begin the process of building something new – something better – that leads us into the future. With this energy, we run the risk of being afraid of the future. The antidote is to stay connected to our faith and a vision of what we’re building towards.

May 11 – July 20

On May 11, the Nodes shift to the South Node highlighting the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation, and the North Node highlighting the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom. We are invited to explore how to structure our lives so that we are sustainable. We are encouraged to rest, nurture ourselves, and create an inner and outer environment that supports us in becoming more self-generous for the sake of strengthening and deepening our capacity and to build the resources we have to share with others.

The more we value ourselves, the more we trust ourselves and value who we are and the unique gifts that only we can share with the world. We relax in knowing that we are prepared for what’s ahead. This transit forces us to have to come eyeball to eyeball with ourselves and any perception of inadequacy. We are being pushed to take action, even if we think we’re not ready. (Hint: We are.)

July 20 – December 4

The South Node now moves to the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation, and the North Node moves to the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-alignment. It is worth noting that we are not only dealing with the challenge of harnessing purpose versus will, we’re also dealing with how to manage our fears with both the Gate 48 from the previous nodal cycle and the Gate 18 in this cycle being Splenic Gates.

The combination of the Gate 17 and 18, gives us the perfect shadow effect of feeling worried and allowing our worry to cause us to react and to hold us back from taking aligned action. In the high expression of these energies, we are open to new possibilities, expanding our thinking and waiting for the right time for the next “right” step to reveal itself.

It’s also worth noting that the Gate 18 is also a Gate that brings with it the theme of practice and practicing.

The Gate 21 from the previous cycle reminded us that we need to stay practiced at regulating ourselves. The Gate 18 gives us the theme of practice as a path to improvement. This year, the more we practice, the more we strengthen our capacity to bend, flow, and adapt to how the path unfolds, even if it seems unexpected and uncertain.

December 4

In our final Nodal cycle, the South Node moves to highlight the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit, and the North Node moves to the Gate 46, the Gate of Embodiment. We finish up the year back in the Heart Chakra exploring our relationship with our Higher Purpose and how to best embody this purpose.

After a year of twists, turns, and initiations in our personal and collective stories, we are in need of healing and aligning.

For many of us, this cycle represents a time to literally get on our knees and pray for clarity and support. For those of us who have heeded the curriculum of the year and have discovered the spark of energy that comes when we align first and then act, this cycle can be a surge forward – a time when we embody and materialize the fulfillment of our purpose and our path.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – The Outer Planets and Global Themes

The outer planets also offer us deep insights into the “plot outline” of the year. These slower-moving planets set the tone and the direction for where we’re headed and outline key archetypal themes that support us in our collective, global, and personal evolution.


Uranus, the “cosmic disruptor”, brings the energy of the unexpected. Uranus loves to disrupt the status quo, bringing us unexpected shifts and changes that, ultimately, force us to grow.

Uranus continues its transit through the sign of Taurus until April 2026.

We start the year with Uranus highlighting the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission, until June 7 when it moves to highlight the Gate 8, the Gate of Fulfillment.

Both of these energies are what is called “mutative” energy in Human Design. Mutative energies bring evolution, growth, and the “new”. We are discovering how our relentless commitment to our authentic self-expression and trusting our knowingness invite us to restructure the way we create our lives.

We can no longer compromise on who we are in every arena of our lives. This puts tension on any old agreements you may have made from an inauthentic position. Time to be honest and move on or renegotiate.

These questions have been playing out in the arena of our finances in particular. Uranus in Taurus shakes up collective structures that are out of sync with our evolution and growth, dismantling systems that no longer serve higher ideals of sustainability, justice, and equity.

We have learned that change and transformation are inevitable and that, when we trust ourselves and our own connection to Source, we know what we need to know when we need to know it and we know what we need to do next. The challenge is that not everyone has been doing the same work as you.

Gate 23 reminds us to wait to share what we know with the people who truly value our knowing and the wisdom we have, and to not waste our energy trying to convince others who are not ready. This is extremely transformative energy that, when shared with the right people, dramatically transforms what we think is possible.

The revolutions that are transpiring are not about convincing and dragging others forward into their evolution if they’re not ready. It’s about quietly living in alignment and modeling what alignment and creative fulfillment looks like.


Neptune, the planet that brings us spiritual growth, starts the year off by continuing to highlight the Gate 36, the Gate of Exploration. This planetary curriculum gives us a gentle reminder to hold a vision and sustain it with an aligned frequency of emotional energy and to wait to bring that vision into form only when the timing is right. We are learning to stretch the boundaries and limits of the human story.

This Gate is a place where patterns are shattered by creating and, ultimately, exploring something different and new. We are breaking free from a predictable future that we’ve outgrown and we’re moving forward with gusto.

The challenge here is to not move forward without right timing and alignment. This is emotional energy and it’s often hard to see the truth and what is being shattered. Without awareness, this Gate can bring chaos. But, chaos is often the precursor to things being reorganized and, ultimately transformed.

On April 10, Neptune moves to highlight the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit, inviting us to trust the process and to continue to commit to our higher purpose and a higher vision. When things seem confusing or hard to understand, Neptune promises clarity when we let go and connect with Source. We are part of a bigger picture unfolding. Even if it feels chaotic in the moment, we are re-aligning towards something that better represents the fulfillment of the new human story.


Pluto, the planet of expansion and transformation highlights Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation, all year, reminding us that progress is best built on what is already working.

We are reminded that if we’re going to innovate, we need to be mindful of not alienating everyone and tossing everything out. We need to carefully explore what is working and grow it by being grateful for it, no matter how small it may seem.

The temptation with this transit is that we can no longer go back to how things were before and we may continue to see a swing back toward outdated ideals. These seemingly backward slides won’t last as the Nodes remind us that there is no going back, tempting as it may be. The only way to grow is to shift our focus in the direction we want to be heading. (You can’t un-evolve!).

The shadow of this energy is a continued resurgence in conservatism, extremism, and orthodoxy all seeking to control our inevitable evolution. Eventually, we all realize we can’t go back and the only way forward is to adapt, pivot, and ultimately transform.

Be prepared for people to be resistant to change and know that sometimes you have to meet people where they’re at in order to be able to reassure them that forward, is indeed, a very fine direction.

Putting all the outer planets together

The movement of these three major celestial players gives us a continued storyline of tension and potential division. The old is pitted against the new.

For all of us to move forward in a significant and transformational way, we have to be patient and wait for everyone to catch up. Conservatism is simply a symptom of change. To quote the late Buckminster Fuller, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Saturn and Jupiter

We finish up our overview of the major planetary movements by taking a closer look at Saturn and Jupiter.

These two planets “dance” together in the sky, revealing the relationship between the work we must do and the rewards available to us when we do the work.

Over the course of the year, Jupiter highlights the following Gates:

January – Gate 27, The Gate of Accountability

February 4 – Gate 24, The Gate of Blessings

March 12 – Gate 2, The Gate of Allowing

April 8 – Gate 23, The Gate of Transmission

May 3 – Gate 8, The Gate of Fulfillment

May 26 – Gate 20, The Gate of Patience

June 20 – Gate 16, The Gate of Zest

July 16 – Gate 35, The Gate of Experience

August 17 – Gate 45, The Gate of Distribution

December 1 – Gate 35, The Gate of Experience

Saturn highlights the following Gates:

January – Gate 55, The Gate of Faith

January 26 – Gate 37, The Gate of Peace

March 16 – Gate 63, The Gate of Curiosity

May 5 – Gate 22, The Gate of Surrender

August 26 – The Gate 63, The Gate of Curiosity

What these two celestial friends show us is that this year we must deepen and strengthen our faith so that we may act in alignment with our positive expectations.

This is crucial if we’re going to stay aligned with sufficiency, peace, and possibility. The rewards of using intentional creativity and being deliberate are being in sync with right timing and access to the energy necessary to take aligned action when the timing is right – dramatically increasing our productivity and our abundance.

This is a Year That Promises to Test Us.

It will be a year with the potential for tremendous creativity, energy, and transformation if we stay in the habit of using alignment and purpose to keep us moving forward. To tap into the energy available, you must let go of all stories of limitation and lack that you may have been allowing to block you from building toward what you truly want.

Faith, self-care, and consciously crafting an inner and outer environment that supports you in continuing to stay aligned with your purpose and the full expression of your authentic self is essential to staying resilient and being able to pivot during this time of massive change.

Take care of your bodies, your minds, and your spirits so that you stay in a powerful state of receptivity that allows you to know what you need to know and to act on what you need to act on when the time is right.

Not everyone is going to “get” and understand what is happening. Many around you will feel that they are in crisis or chaos. The most powerful and loving gift you can give the world is to keep actualizing your own abundance and potential.

Your role this year is to anchor and deepen the foundation upon which you are building an abundant and sustainable life. The more you embody this, the more you can better help and lead others in due time.

It’s going to be a great year!

From my Heart to Yours,

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