1 Way to Use Human Design With Your Money Story

Money and Human Design

1 Way to Use Human Design With Your Money Story: Rewrite It!

I hope this letter finds you in an intimate partnership with your abundance.

I’m going to share something a little different this week from what I normally share with you. This week I want to give you a small “tour” through some of the resources that we’ve created for you. (Scroll down for the list.)

I’m no stranger to challenges with abundance. My relationship with money and sustainable support has been pretty rocky. If you’ve been a subscriber with me for a while, you might have heard about my financial journey – including my bankruptcy, foreclosure, having my car repossessed, and the struggle of trying to keep a roof over my children’s heads.

I don’t want to go into deep detail today except to say that I deeply understand the terror of not knowing how you’re going to pay your bills or feed your family.

I want to assure you that things will get better and that you will eventually be able to look back on where you are now with deep self-compassion and appreciation for the journey that you’re on.

My journey to healing my money story started with a gift that my ex-husband gave me.

We didn’t have a friendly end to our marriage, although we’re friends now. Money problems played a big role in breaking us up. My first husband was a no-motor Projector (Orchestrator), and, at the time, we didn’t understand how to untangle our conditioned gender roles, money, and understanding our Human Designs.

Our final fight was about money.

I never received any child support from my ex. Mostly because he wasn’t able to work for many reasons. This situation was as painful for him as it was for me. At the end of our fight, he looked at me long and hard and said something that landed in my soul so strongly and so deeply.

Even though many people might view his statement as a cop-out or a denial of responsibility, I truly believe that this final statement from him was the greatest gift that he gave me, other than our children. When he said what he said, it was literally as if time slowed down, and each word penetrated my mind and shattered my old mindset.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m not responsible for your abundance.”


With that single sentence, I realized that for all of my life, I’d been looking for a financial “rescue.” Whether it was my husband, some kind of financial gig or gift, or even a job that would somehow be a bridge that would take me to where I really wanted to go…

The truth is that I am the only one responsible for my abundance. 

This single statement started me on a journey to rewrite my money story.

The journey of rewriting my money story was long and gradual. I certainly did NOT experience some kind of instant ATM cash machine moment. The journey of healing my relationship was intimately tied with my own sense of empowerment and value.

And, frankly, it is deeply integrated with the work that I do. I don’t derive my value from my work. I have learned – as I hope you will too – that I am valuable because I exist.

Let me repeat that for you again because it’s so important.


This 1 fact can change everything and help you use your Human Design to rewrite your money story.

Your value has nothing to do with your education, how much money you have, your pant size, or your age…you are valuable because you are a unique, vital, and irreplaceable part of the cosmos.

My work in the world and my business have given me a path of healing my relationship with my value and my Heart.

How? The act of being in business requires that you get eyeball to eyeball with your value.

If we look at the Ego Circuit (The Economic Circuit in Quantum Human Design™), we see that business is all about value. How much value do you add to the world? And how much value are you willing to receive in exchange for your service?

an image of the economic circuit in human design in a blog post about money

This is the intimate tango that we do with money, service, and value when we engage in business and cultivate a relationship with money.

At this time on the planet, our entire relationship with value, money, service, and the economy is in major flux. I believe that many of us are struggling with money because we’ve been invited to redefine our value and our values and that we’re here to show others the way to reclaim their value and their power.

I’m not in any way minimizing the reality that you may have bills to pay or other financial challenges. You don’t measure the circumference of a wheel when it’s crushing your foot.

I know that when we are experiencing global changes and cycles, individual people feel the pain of evolutionary growth and I am in no way intending to trivialize your pain.

We are in a cycle of massive flux, and it’s going to be okay in the end. But in the meantime, it may feel challenging and scary. Understanding the bigger picture can help give us perspective and not let fear win.

You are valuable because you exist. The more you integrate that into your cells, the more your value story changes, the more you align with receiving the support you deserve, and, ultimately, the more sustainable value you create in the world.

There are so many places to take this conversation, and I have a lot to share with you.

Here’s a list of resources that I have for you:

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1. If you’re struggling with your abundance, check out the following free programs that we have for you:

2. If you want to understand what’s up on the planet right now and the transformative cycle that our economy is experiencing, check out my free class, How to Build an Equitable, Just, Abundant, and Sustainable World

3. If you’re ready to learn about how you can serve the world and take your place in evolving the economy, see my Masterclass on How to Build a Sustainable and Profitable Quantum Human Design Practice and Why NOW is the best time to become a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist

I hope these resources give you a spark to continue to embrace your value and all the gifts that you came here to give the world.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,


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